Whole App Overview

Whole is a sweet little app to help users better their mental health and create a more positive space for themselves. Whole allows you to create habits, follow happy activities and read happy news.

What is Whole App?

Whole is an app created by The Happy Broadcast to create a space for positivity and healthy habit-building. The app uses science-backed activities to boost happiness and gives a social media-type space with only good vibes and positive news.

You can check in on how you are feeling, track your progress and use things called Goal Packs to set up your new self-development journey through habits and activities.

Overall, Whole has been created to make a space for users to improve their self-development, feel more positive and create better habits.

Whole Features

Here are some cool features for Whole.

  • Goal Packs - There are four custom Goal Packs to help you get started with creating healthier and happier routines with a selection of habits. For example, you can choose a self-care Goal Pack which encourages healthy living and reflection exercises.
  • Mood Tracking - When you log into the app you can check in with how you are feeling. This is always a nice feature to have because over time you can look back on your emotions and what affected them.
  • Gratitude Feed - The Gratitude feed is great for anyone who struggles with the toxicity of social media. In the Gratitude feed, all you will see are happy news stories, nice things and a whole lot of self-love posts.

Who is Whole Best For

Whole is best for anyone who wants to use a single app for habits, mood tracking, and a better positive space rather than social media or other platforms like that. It's a nice app for anyone to have on their devices for a little happiness boost.

Build Healthy Habits

Whole helps users build healthy habits from presets you can add into your daily routine, you can also then track your progress.

Positive Social Media

No more negativity or anxiety with the Gratitude feed of positive social posts.


Follow some science-backed happiness activities to learn better ways to practice mindfulness, or improve how you feel.

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