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Time tracking application designed for small and medium sized teams for planning and tracking their projects and client work.

TMetric time sheets for tracking time spent.

What is TMetric?

TMetric is a time-tracking tool that does more than just track time. You can also track expenses and bills, holidays, team productivity and more to help create a better workflow and system for getting projects and tasks done on time.

Teams can see reports inside TMetric to make sure the project is running smoothly and deadlines will be reached without having to overspend or waste money. It's overall a great flexible reporting system for teams and projects.

Best Features of TMetric

TMetric is a flexible reporting and time-tracking app for teams and project management.

  • Track the hours spent on tasks to make sure time is being well spent and tasks are moving forwards.
  • Measure the team's productivity, and assign tasks if things need moving around. Here you can also keep track of who is working where and on what task.
  • The Time Off feature allows you to easily request holidays and time off, then make sure the balance of work is well spread due to absences.
  • Manage billing and invoices in one place by tracking expenses and making sure the project or tasks don't go beyond the budget.

Who Uses TMetric?

TMetric is used by teams who manage projects and tasks on a larger scale, with the need to manage time, expenses, holidays, billing and more. It can all be done inside TMetric. For pricing, you can use TMetric for free or up to $7 per month for business purposes.

Time Tracking

Time tracking for yourself and your team to make sure the whole project will be on track.

Team Productivity

Boost team productivity by making sure time is being well spent and tracked properly.

Expense Tracking

Track your expenses and bills with TMetric to get an overview of finances for the projects.

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Answering Questions About TMetric

Is there a free trial with TMetric?

Yes, you can do a free 30-day trial with all the features.

Can I customise reports in TMetric?

You can filter, sort, choose dates and export reports in different formats.

Is TMetric good for remote teams?

TMetric can be used for any kind of team, it helps track time for any project for any team, but yes it will be beneficial to remote and hybrid teams too.

Can integrate TMetric with other productivity tools?

Yes, TMetric allows you to add other tools like Slack, Asana and more to extend productivity.

Can you use TMetric for payroll?

TMetric allows you to track time, budgets, spending and use timesheets for payroll for team members.

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