Timing Overview

Timing is an automatic time-tracking app so you no longer have to manually press stop or start when carrying out daily tasks.

What is Timing?

Timing is an automatic time-tracking app that works in the background whilst you work. It tracks your time using apps, websites, meetings and more. Then, you can see where you spent your time on documents, websites and apps.

Timing allows you to drag activities into projects to time block and create a daily plan, you can also create automations to add tasks to the same projects. By tracking your time automatically in the background you can also see where you are wasting your time. You can then work towards creating a better work routine.

Overall, Timing is a handy automatic tool that tracks your activities throughout the day, meaning you dont have to manually track your own time. You can then see an overview of where you spend your time to adjust your daily plan better.

Timing Features

Here are some of the best features for Timing.

  • Integrate - Timing also works for calls, meetings, time spent on apps and more. Integrate apps like Zoom and Teams to track time here.
  • Screen time - You can also import the screen time from your iPhone and iPad to track inside Timing.
  • Manual entries - If you have spent time that couldn't be tracked on a device, you can always go in and manually add this.
  • Teams - You can also time track projects with your team, so when a project is being worked on or finished, teams can add how long they have spent on it.

Timing Best For

Timing is a great tool for individuals to track their time when working from home, or even in the office, especially if you have lots of things to do and want to learn how to better structure or plan your time.

Teams can also use Timing to manage time spent on tasks and projects, kind of like using a timesheet.

Automated Time Tracking

Carry on with your day, meetings, work and breaks and Timing will keep track of them all.

Time Blocking

Use time blocking, drag and drop to assign times and use smart suggestions.

Tracks Everything

Timing tracks your screen time, calls, meetings and calendar events too.

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