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Tangerine App Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Alternatives & Verdict

Tangerine is a self-care tool for tracking your mood, planning your day, creating new habits for habit tracking, and forming a greater daily routine. Does it make a good tool for you?

Tangerine is a self care daily planner app to help you create new healthy habits and routines.

What is Tangerine App?

Tangerine is a self-care tool for creating a daily routine with habits, mood tracking and journaling all in one place.

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What does Tangerine App do?

Tangerine app has a nice interface and is easy to navigate. You can split your daily tasks for the morning, afternoon, night, and any time, you can also set reminders, use the journal prompts, and create new habits.

This app is great for anyone who wants and needs to implement more self-care into their lives. This app has everything you need in one place to journal, track your mood, and create a daily routine.

Tangerine App - Managing Moods

Tangerine Pros

Here are some of the best features of the Tangerine self-care app.

  • Everything you need - It has multiple features and abilities meaning you only need to use this application to fulfill self-care needs such as creating a daily routine, healthy habits and journaling.
  • Understand your mood - Using the mood tracking abilities you can better understand what affects your mood so you can make changes and improvements to live a happier lifestyle.
  • Journal prompts - There are many different ways to journal inside Tangerine so you will always have the inspiration to do so.
  • Data - Tons of data are collected from your app use as frequent moods, streaks, what has the biggest impact on your life, and more.

Used by over 10,000 highly productive people. Try with 7-day free trial

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Tangerine Verdict

We think Tangerine is a great tool if you want to begin self-care without having to download tons of apps or try too hard.

Everything is in one place so you are more inclined to track your mood, set new daily routines, and complete healthy habits. A lot of people say it is an approachable app, but a shame it isn't available on more devices.

Tangerine Alternatives

Here are some other daily routine applications you might like.

  • Before Sunset AI - This tool helps users plan and schedule their day with AI.
  • Routinery - This is a really simple and easy tool for creating a daily routine with a timer.


Form new habits with the Tangerine self-care app.


Track your mood with Tangerine to express your feelings and better understand your mood.


Use Tangerine like a journal to write down thoughts, affirmations and more.

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