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Tally Forms is an online form builder to create easy and simple forms like you would create a document. Just type in the questions and you're done, no code is needed.

Tally Forms allows users to build no code online forms.

What is Tally Forms?

Tally Forms is a no-code tool builder that allows you to build your forms with ease.

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What do Tally Forms do?

Tally Forms is a super simple form builder that makes you feel like you're creating a form on a simple document. You can use templates or craft your own form by typing in questions. You can then easily send forms and receive data back. You can also accept payments, embed forms, redirect answers, add files, and much more to Tally Forms.

Tally Forms is for anyone who wants to collect information or data, you can also use forms to allow clients or customers to sign up for a platform or service. Students can use Tally Forms to gather data for projects, or teams can use Tally Forms to work with clients.

Tally Forms - Sharing Embeds

Tally Forms Pros

Let's dive into some of the best features of Tally Forms that make this tool so easy to use.

  • Feels like Notion - Usign Tally Forms feels like creating documents inside Notion, it's super easy, plain, and simple to start typing and creating a form online.
  • Blocks - Add in all kinds of blocks to collect different sorts of data such as payments, contact information, files, and much more, also just like adding blocks in Notion.
  • Redirect forms - Once forms have been completed automatically redirect the user or send the form to the correct team member.
  • Dynamic Forms - Create a form that changes with what the user inputs, for example, you can take away blocks, and add in blocks based on their answers.

Tally Forms Verdict

Tally Forms is a new application that has been growing in the market for those who are looking to create forms, and it is a really simple way to start building forms.

Integrations in Tally Forms, Notion

Forms are incredibly easy to create inside of Tally Forms because it is sort of like using Notion; you create almost page-like structures, and you can pretty much just begin to add elements. Making them is powerful because you've got a load of different integrations and functionalities. When I was testing this and using it while we were building the original Tool Finder, I actually used it as a way to get submissions into the website, and it was really fast and easy to use.

The CRM that generates business, not busy work

Get full access. No credit card needed

I actually connected payment services like Stripe as well as the likes of Notion to allow me to capture payments. Shared embeds and Notion integrations worked well as we used this.

I can imagine Tally Forms being popular for yoga instructors or sales teams that want to connect meetings with the forms they need to capture payment with. It is lightweight and easy to use for those that just want to take the fluff out of creating forms.

Easy to Use

Tally Forms is a super easy to use form builder, you can create a form from scratch online or use templates.

Simple Forms

Sometimes you don't need an overly fancy form to collect data, With Tally Forms you can create simple user-friendly forms.

No Code

You don't need to know how to code to create these forms.

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