Strut is an AI-powered writing app used for document and note creation using AI.

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Strut Review (2024)

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Strut wants to be your one-stop shop for writing and enhancing it with AI.

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What is Strut?

Strut is a writing application for those who write routinely. It can be used as a deep-focus workspace for organizing your documents and notes. Popular with professional writers.

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How does Strut work?

Strut allows you to create documents and notes. The writing experience allows you to do regular text formatting and using AI you can enhance your notes or documents using brand voice AI (great for marketing) and/or transforming documents into different types of marketing documents tailored for audience and goals.

Verdict: Is Strut worth it?

Strut is going to work well if you write routinely and like to save documents all in one place that allows you to re-purpose those using AI.

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