Stoic App Review

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Stoic app for habits and mindfulness.

What is Stoic App?

Stoic is a mental health improvement application that uses over 100 science-backed methods and practices to help increase happiness and manage emotions better.

It's a super simple and easy-to-navigate app with tons of activities journal prompts, meditations and more that make it an all-in-one mindfulness app for personal use.

Stoic offers multiple ways to journal, different meditations, reflections, quotes, planning, and everything you might need in one place to manage your emotions and things to get done.

Key Features of Stoic

Here are some key features of Stoic, the mental health and mindfulness app.

  • Morning and evening reflection to help understand emotions and manage mood.
  • Guided journaling throughout the day, you can also journal using voice notes.
  • Meditations, guided or unguided with relaxing music.
  • Stoic Blocker to block distracting apps.

Who is Stoic Best Suited For?

Stoic is best for personal use, its for you to understand your mood and emotions better and build new healthy habits over time. You can use Stoic for free and access most features, or pay a small price per month to upgrade. Stoic is easy to use and navigate.


Stoic is an all-black and white simple application to use, with no overwhelming interface.


Uses journal prompts, voice notes and more to make journaling fun and easy.


Stoic uses over 100 science-backed practices and exercises within the app to help improve mental health and happiness.

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