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Smiling Mind is a free meditation and mindfulness application. The app aims to help users bring more balance and peace to their lives through these easy-to-follow exercises.

What is Smiling Mind and who’s it for?

Smiling Mind is a company that promotes mindfulness and meditation for all ages for all kinds of reasons. They also have an app so you can practice meditation and learn more about mindfulness on the go. Inside the app, you can track your habits and progress through meditation, including your mood. Smiling Mind was also originally created to be accessible to Aboriginal people, so inside the app, you can choose different languages to suit your needs.

This app is a great tool for anyone to use, and even better it's free and great for all age ranges and different languages to practice mindfulness and meditation.

Smiling Mind Pros - Mindfulness Habits

Here are some positives for using Smiling Mind meditation and mindfulness.

  • Meditation programs - Smiling Mind has tons of programs to help you improve sleep, relationships, mood, anxiety and much more.
  • Mood tracking - You can also use Smiling Mind to track your mood, this is a great feature because you can see over time how meditation helps you.
  • Meditations in indigenous languages - Smiling Mind has different language settings to create a space for everyone to meditate for free.
  • Simple and easy - Overall the app has a nice interface and is easy to get along with and use.

Smiling Mind Verdict

We think Smiling Mind is a good app for beginners to learn meditation and mindfulness. The app itself has a nice interface and works great for a range of ages and needs.

Smiling Mind Alternatives

Other meditation apps you could try are:

  • Headspace - Headspace is a very premium meditation tool that offers a bunch of extra features and courses for breathwork and mindfulness.
  • Ten Percent Happier - This meditation app helps you learn more about meditation and mindfulness through simple courses.


Smiling Mind is free and accessible to anyone of any age.

Developed by Psychologists

Smiling Mind is backed by science so you know the meditations and mindfulness will be effective.


There are so many programs for meditation and mindfulness; relationships, eating, sports and more.

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