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Skiff has now been acquired by Notion.

You can read all about the acquisition in more detail here.

Skiff Review

Skiff is a secure email, documents and calendar application that many people have been turning to in an effort to be more secure with their information and escaping Gmail etc.

Skiff Email, Handing Emails Inbox

What was Skiff?

Skiff is a privacy-protected space for emails, pages and your calendar.

What did Skiff do?

You can also use the Skiff drive to save your work, with up to 10GB of storage. People are turning to Skiff in an attempt to better secure their data as Skiff has E2E and open-source focus.

You can use Skiff within your team, or for personal use, either way, whatever you create, send, share or save will be end-end encrypted, there are no trackers and it's open-source audited. If you're looking to communicate freely, ensure information is kept secure, and email your team within a safe environment, check out Skiff.

Good Bits of Skiff

Some of our favourite things in Skiff email & beyond:

1. @Skiff Domain for Email

Create your own Skiff domain

Don't badger us on email now, but get a @skiff email domain when you sign-up even without a paid account as part of your Skiff account which is very impressive. Something that you have to pay $99 per annum in Hey Email, if you wanted something like this.

2. Calendar is Fast

Skiff Calendar - Create an Event

Calendar management is really good inside of Skiff Calendar. Comparing these to the speed of tools like Vimcal and Rise Calendar that are touted to be the speediest calendar apps online, well Skiff lived up to the same speed quality (on the web) which is impressive.

The ability to create, add details and move things around was very fast indeed.

3. A Good Combo of Tools

Managing Accounts in Skiff

Being able to use document creation, calendar event management, email handling and even storing of files from day one is brilliant. They've really made a smashing product here in Skiff and the speed in which they all work is brilliant.

Bad Bits of Skiff

These are some of bits we didn't enjoy in Skiff:

1. Video Conferencing

Adding Video Confrenceing

A small thing but inside of Skiff when you create a new event in the Skiff calendar you aren't able to automatically create and generate a video conference link. You can add a custom one or use Jitsu Meet, but something if you're used to using that in day to day life, might be a shame that you cannot add them.

Is Skiff Legit?

Strangely enough Skiff have a large team and are based out of the offices Notion formerly were in in San Francisco, from their about page there's an assumption everything is legitimate with a good credibility in the development and expertise in this space.

Skiff Pricing

Let's unpack the pricing for Skiff and how much it is.

How much does Skiff cost?

Pricing for Skiff is really reasonable for how much they pack into the experience. You can sign-up to Skiff for free, then the first plan called Essential is starting from $3 and this will give you one custom domain to use then the plans are $8 and $12 for more team-based options which for combining pages, storage, email and calendar is not bad.

Skiff Pricing, how much it costs

Skiff Verdict

Is Skiff right for me? To be honest, if you want to move away from the Google ecosystem - it will give you a good starting point but maybe not the depth of features you'd get with Google. Skiff Email works great, but comes with its own domain - almost starting you again - yes, you could forward all email from Gmail, but doesn't that defeat the point?

Encrypted Notes inside of Skiff Pages and Calendar

This is a big decision to move to something like Skiff for teams and much easier to people that are using their own email and calendar experiences.

We'd recommend checking out Skiff if you're interested in going off the grid from Google and Microsoft options and unlocking their tools - their calendar, pages and drive impressed us too, including their email, as a well produced, well designed product.

Skiff Alternatives

The best alternative that focuses on security we can find is Proton Mail.


Managing your data as a company securely is the primary mission of Skiff - making it there goal from day one.


Skiff not just lives as email, but as docs, drive and calendar for your team presenting a decent set, but not fully completed options for your team.


Stunningly built-design with solid focus on security makes it an attractive option for medium-large sized teams.

All Features of Skiff

Subject to change, these features summarise Skiff best:

Skiff Emails

  • Protect your email using the Skiff free private email, you can create a custom domain or use your own.
  • Skiff allows you to communicate with anyone freely, without having to worry about data being leaked, or hacked.
  • You can use an unlimited about of aliases and have your IP address hidden by default.
  • Schedule emails, and even undo send!
  • Invite your team to use Skiff emailing.

Skiff Calendar

  • Make sure your schedule is end-end encrypted! No one can access your calendar or see what your plans are.
  • Use the integrated video conferencing feature with your team.
  • Auto-sync emails with events, (also end-end encrypted!)
  • Share end-end encrypted calendars with your team.

Skiff Pages

Creating Pages in Skiff
  • Skiff protects all your notes, wikis and documents with end-end encryption.
  • You can manage your team's workspace here, and delegate permissions.
  • Write and edit in real-time with your team.
  • You can choose to publish documents for everyone to see, or share them privately.

Skiff Drive

  • Use 10GB of free storage or upgrade for more.
  • Stores all files, photos and documents securely.
  • Uses decentralised IPFS storage.
  • You can also pay privately with crypto to upgrade storage.

How does Skiff make money?

We assume Skiff makes money by selling their pro pricing, starting from $3 per month.

Skiff: The Secure Email App

Skiff Questions & Answers

What could I use Skiff for?

Skiff is one of these tools that spans multiple areas. Like Zoom, you might just use it for one solution - but it offers storage, email, calendar and pages too.

Best Email App for Security?

Skiff presents an interesting option for those who are looking to get secure with their email management, tools like Proton Mail might be more suitable for solo users but Skiff continues to grow in both markets.

What is one of the other best features of Skiff minus secure email?

The design is a leading element of Skiff. Many of the email apps that focus on security or handling emails alongside calendar and pages aren't as attractive as Skiff, so this is a big bonus as many people like something that feels good every time they do email.

Can you collaborate with Skiff Pages?

Yes, it does real-time collaboration so you can see what others are working on in Skiff pages with your team members.

Is Skiff free?

Yes and no. It offers a starter plan at $0 that offers you full unlimited pages. However, there are limitations when it comes to storage, so the paid plans offer that and start from $3.

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