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Simple Habit sleep meditations and sounds for sleep routines.

What is Simple Habit?

Simple Habit is a sleep and guided meditation app that has a really simple and easy-to-use interface. It's not overwhelming and perfect for beginners who want to start meditation.

Simple Habit uses meditations from Google experts and former Monks, so you know you're getting a really useful guided meditation that will actually improve wellness and mood.

Overall, Simple Habit is a super simple meditation application for creating a better sleep routine for deeper sleep and meditations for busy people on the go.

Key Features of Simple Habit

These are some key features of Simple Habit the sleep and meditation application.

  • Guided mindfulness meditations from Google experts and former Monks.
  • Track progress with mindful minutes to help build a habit.
  • Use the On The Go feature for busy people, perfect for commuting.
  • Series of sleep meditations to help create a better sleep routine.

Who is Simple Habit Best Suited For?

Simple Habit is best for individuals who are on their own personal journey of meditation and wellness. It's a really easy app to use so anyone can get started with it, just choose a meditation and length of time.

For cost, Simple Habit is free to use but as always you can upgrade to access more features.

Guided Meditations

Simple Habit has tons of helpful guided meditations for any kind of need and length of time.

Sleep Series

Simple Habit is a sleep application and users can follow sleep series to build a better sleep routine.

On The Go

This feature is great for those who are busy, travel a lot for work and need to find the time for meditation.

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