Rosebud App Review

Rosebud is a digital journal tool that uses AI to help give deeper meaning to your notes, automate actions and create a space for all thoughts.

What is Rosebud App?

Rosebud is a neat AI digital journal for writing down journal entries, tagging them and creating a space for you to dive deeper into your feelings and thoughts and learn more about your mood.

You can choose to dig deeper with Rosebud, prompting more questions inside your daily entry. Your entries are then AI-generated to create a summary for you to read back on, this can help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings.

Overall, Rosebud is a digital journal to help you discover more about yourself through the power of AI. The app will take key insights from your entries, help you work towards goals and reflect on your day.

Rosebud Features

Here are some of Rosebud's best features for digital journaling with AI.

  • Entry reflection - All entries are summarised and reflected back to you, this helps users see their entries from another perspective allowing them to learn from what they have written.
  • Insights - After each journaling session key insights are extracted for you to see quick snippets of what you have journaled about each day.
  • Auto-tagging - AI will automatically tag your entries for topics, people and emotions you have displayed. You can then look through the tags to see any common entries.
  • Happiness recipe - This feature helps you identify your achievable goals and the things you want to get done, kind of creating smaller tasks for you to work towards.

Rosebud Best For

Rosebud is a great tool for those wanting to start journaling but unsure about where to begin. Rosebud asks questions, provides prompts and encourages you to dig deeper into your daily entires. AI also helps you make more sense of your thoughts and feelings.

AI Journaling

Rosebud creates a way of digital journaling that helps you dig deeper with automated questions.


Don't worry about tagging your entries, this is done automatically by Rosebud AI.

Meaningful Goals

Rosebud has a lot of cool features but the happiness recipe helps you work towards your goals in a better way.

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