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Rize Overview

Rize is an automatic time tracking tool that uses AI to help increase your productivity, focus and overall build better working habits.

Rize Time Tracking App, Rize.io

What is Rize?

Rize is an automatic time-tracking tool that helps improve your focus and allows you to build better work habits based on the stats and data you receive. It will track where you spend your time, how long you work for and where you can spend your time better.

You can also set up work blocks to block your time throughout the day to include health and well-being too, for example, you can block out time to exercise, have lunch, take a break and so on.

Rize believes that you cannot improve what you dont measure, so by tracking your time and measuring your focus periods you can over time create better work habits.

Rize Features

Here are some of Rize's best features for tracking time.

  • Automatic - Rize will automatically track your time and when you focus, this creates a dashboard for you to overview at the end of the day, or throughout the day to stay on track.
  • Focus - Rize also tracks your focus time and how often you context switch, at the end of each day you receive a report you can look at to see where you can improve.
  • Breaks - Rize will automatically send notifications when you need to take a break, this helps create a healthier work-life balance and avoid burnout.
  • Calendar integration - Integrate your calendar to create a better focus on meetings, events and where you spend your time.

Rize Best For

Rize is a great tool for anyone who leads a busy work life, maybe they have lots of meetings to run along side managing tasks, projects and teams. Rize is also a great tool for personal use. It helps individuals learn where they are spending their time and how to improve their focus to get more important work done.

Automatic Time Tracking

In the background, Rize just works behind the scenes to track your time and where you spend it.


Analytics on how you spent your time and how you could do it better.

Focus Time

Great for focus time and unlock the best of your time.

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