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Posture Pal App Review

Posture Pal is exactly what it says, an app to help you improve your posture through your Airpods.

What is Posture Pal App?

Posture Pal is an app for iOS and Mac that works with the sensors in Apple Airpods to monitor your movement. The app can then tell when you are slouching or not sitting correctly. You will then hear a little noise or a nudge, and the sound will increase until you fix how you are sitting or standing.

Posture Pal Features

Here are some of the main features of Posture Pal and how it can reduce back and neck pain.

  • Goals - Create a habit of using the app and see your progress over time. Eventually, it will become natural for you to sit up straight.
  • Different sensitivity - You can choose different sensitivity levels to monitor your neck movement whilst having your Airpods in.
  • Lockscreen widgets - This app works in the background, you can also receive notifications and use the lockscreen widget to see your progress.
  • Customise - You can choose different animals to be your Posture Pal and change the colour on the screen.

Posture Pal Best For

Posture Pal can be used by anyone and is especially great for those who work at a desk all day and might find themselves slouching or hunched over. It's also good for anyone who has back pain caused by bad posture.

Use Airpods

You will be nudged and hear a sound through your Airpods when posture is slipping.

Improve Posture

Using Posture Pal can improve your neck and back posture over time.

Reduce Back Pain

By improving your posture you will decrease back pain.

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