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What is Ochi?

Keeping it simple. Ochi wants to block apps and websites for you.

Much like Freedom, Ochi allows you to block websites with timers, rules and filters that recur too. This makes it easier to manage and start routine focus sessions that you know will be blocked of websites you might be tempted by.

With all apps like this, we state the following: check their security and privacy policies to see if you are happy with how they block your apps and websites, each do it differently.

Key Features inside Ochi

This website blocker offers a good alternative to Freedom:

  • Set up recurring filters for routine website blocking
  • Timers for setting up rules and across platform blocking
  • Categorise your filtering by social media, chat or other categories
  • Lock and hide the filter details
  • Works with iOS Shortcuts

Who is Ochi Best For?

Apple-only device lovers who want to block their apps and websites, on the go or at the desktop with the macOS Ochi app.

This is a friendly application that is approachable with features that will keep you focused at work, with a reasonable pricing option that will give you freedom to block apps and websites. Ochi alternatives include Freedom.

Recurring Filters

This is a neat feature for blocking websites at weekends or set periods of focus. For example, if you wanted no social media past 7pm, use recurring filters in Ochi.

iOS Apps

Ochi has some decent iOS apps for iPad and iPhone allowing you to block apps and websites on not only the macOS device, this is perfect for blocking on the go.

Easy to Use

This feels easy to use and approachable for many people who are exploring distraction blocking website technology in the past from a well-known development team.

Distraction & Website Blockers

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