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What is Not Boring Timer App?

Not Boring Timer is an easy-to-use timer application created by the Not Boring team. This means it also involved a load of gamification to make this app fun and interesting to use.

You can use Timer as a stopwatch, a timer for cooking meals, carrying out habits, tasks and so on. It's just a big number on a screen counting down in minutes.

It's also easy to use, just click on the widget to start the timer, if the stopwatch continues it will show you how much time has been added. It also uses game sounds and effects.

Key Features of Not Boring Timer

Here are the key features of Timer, the timer application by Not Boring apps.

  • A gamified timer application with screen effects and sounds for stopping, starting etc.
  • Big numbers are easier to see on the screen.
  • Uses only minutes to make it easier to manage, and with less fuss on screen.
  • Use the stopwatch, which then flips so you can see how much time has been added.
  • Has home screen widgets available to quickly start the timer.

Who is Not Boring Timer Best Suited For?

Timer is best for personal use, its a simple minute timer application with gamified featured to make tasks more enjoyable. It's around the same as other Not Boring apps in price, $15 per year to use the app, you can also download the Not Boring apps in a bundle. This app is easy to use, just tap the screen and you have started.

Minute Timer

This app works in minutes so its easy to view, not seconds or hours from countdown, just big minute numbers.

Big Numbers

The Timer app uses big numbers so you can see it from across the room when you're working, cooking or whatever you are timing.

Power Scrolling

Because the numbers are so big, they have made it easier to scroll through to whole common numbers like 20,25 and so on.

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