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Not Boring Habits

Not Boring Habits Review

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Not Boring Habits is not what it says on the tin. It wants to make your habits much more interactive on mobile with stunning animations and gestures.

Not Boring Habits iPhone widgets for home screen reminders.

What is Not Boring Habits?

Habits is a habit-building application made by Not Boring, they create applications with gamification to make the simplest of things more enjoyable, like building new habits.

Habits is different from a normal habit tracker as it saves your progress in checkpoints like a game, you also go through challenges and receive motivational support along the way.

Overall, Habits is a game-like habit-building app where you enter 60-day challenges and progress your way through to build a new habit, or break an old one, in a new fun way.

Best Features of Not Boring Habits

Here are the key features of Habits, the habit-building application made by Not Boring.

  • A habit builder that saves your progress so you can pick up where you left off.
  • Uses 60-day game-like challenges.
  • Includes motivation text to help encourage you.
  • Add widgets to your home screen.
  • Set reminders to complete habits.
  • Use different coloured skins or themes.
  • Helps you focus on loving the journey, not the end goal.

Final Thoughts

Habits is best for personal use, it's an application for building your own habits. If you prefer an app with gamification aspects, this might be a good choice. The app is not expensive to pay for an entire year, it's around $15 which isn't too bad considering the price of other habit apps.

It's also easy to use and get along with, especially since we have all played mobile phone games before. This one just helps you build habits too.

A Habit Builder

Habits is not a habit tracker, there are no streaks or loss of progress. Instead, it helps you build habits over time through game-like play.

Habit Challenges

Habits uses 60-day challenges and game levels to help you build new habits.

Saves Like a Game

If you miss a day you wont lose progress, you will pick up where you left off in your last save.

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