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The closest thing to Evernote. Nimbus Note is a reliable, good quality note-taking app for all-round note-taking if you want a more traditional note taking app.

What is Nimbus Note?

Nimbus Note is a note-taking app that helps users stay organized and efficient. It is an easy-to-use platform for managing notes, lists, tasks, documents, and more. It features a range of features that make it a great choice for note-taking.

Nimbus Note is a great tool for taking notes, organizing content, collaborating with others, and managing tasks. It is an efficient and secure platform that can help users stay organized and productive.

Nimbus Note Features

These are some key features of Nimbus Note:

  • Cross-platform support for web, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Collaboration features for sharing and co-editing notes with others
  • Web clipping for saving articles, web pages, and other content to notes
  • Note templates for creating notes with pre-made formats for specific purposes
  • Tagging and organization for categorizing and searching notes
  • Multimedia support for adding images, audio recordings, and sketches to notes
  • Task manager for creating and tracking to-do lists and reminders
  • Encryption for securing notes and keeping them private
  • Version history for tracking changes made to notes over time
  • Customization options for note backgrounds, fonts, and more
  • Offline access for working on notes without an Internet connection

Nimbus Notes offers a simple way to capture notes quickly and easily. It allows users to create plain text notes, upload images and attach documents, making it easier than ever to capture ideas.

Additionally, users can also save webpages and articles with the built-in Nimbus browser, allowing them to capture content even while they are browsing the web. With all of these capture options, Nimbus Notes makes it simple to capture any type of information.

Nimbus Note Cons

One of the things people don't like about Nimbus Note is the inability to get notes exported as a bulk HTML or PDF format. You can do this per note, and this allows you to get individual notes exported, but not on mass.

Best Suited For?

Nimbus Notes is best suited for anyone who needs a feature-rich and customizable note-taking app that offers a variety of tools for organizing and managing notes.

If you have enjoyed using Evernote, Nimbus Notes can provide a similar experience.

Note Templates

The app includes a variety of pre-made note templates, including templates for to-do lists, meeting notes, and more, which makes it easy for users to create notes that fit their specific needs.


The app allows users to share notes with others and collaborate on them in real time, which makes it a good choice for teams working on projects together.

Web Clipping

Nimbus Notes allows users to save web pages and articles directly to their notes, which makes it easy to collect and organize information from the web.

Understanding Nimbus

Your questions, answered!

Evernote vs Nimbus?

These two are super similar, Nimbus Notes really catching up with Evernote. Evernote has got a lot more street credibility from the years of being one of the best note-taking applications and more recently added tasks and calendar. Whilst Nimbus Notes offers a budget friendly alternative that many people love.

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