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Newton Mail is a simple and fast email client perfect for business communication and keeping a clean tidy inbox. It also offers extra features such as snooze and read recipes.

What is Newton Mail and who’s it for?

Newton Mail is an email client that syncs to all your devices and links all your email accounts. It has a clean and simple interface making it easy to navigate around and manage emails. Newton has many features to help with focus, having conversations with teams, connecting other tools and keeping an organised space.

Newton Mail can be for anyone to use, however, it may be best suited to those who have lots of email addresses and accounts they'd like to have all in one place to help better manage teams and business.

Newton Mail Pros - Tidy Inbox

Let's take a look at some of Newton Mail's best features for keeping a clean mailbox.

  • Read receipts - This feature is super handy when emailing clients or teams to know if they have seen your email yet and when to follow up with another message.
  • Recap - This function will show you all emails you have missed or not replied to yet, this is great because busy inboxes easily lose important messages.
  • Schedule send - If you know some of your clients or team members are within a different time you can schedule emails to send at a good moment.
  • Share link - Share emails as a link to other productivity tools, especially if the email has attachments or information you want to share or save for future reference.

Newton Mail Cons - Reliability

Here are some of Newton Mail's cons.

  • Closed before - Newton Mail has closed before, this doesn't mean it will close again but it might put off some users who want a solid and reliable email service.
  • Minimalist - Newton Mail is a very simple looking and plain email client, this may be a big win for some, but for the price you might want an email client that feels a bit more premium.

Newton Mail Verdict

We think Newton Mail is a good option if you want something easy to use, and a place to keep a well organised and tidy mailbox.

Newton Mail Alternatives

Here are some other email clients you might enjoy.

  • Missive - Missive is a good option for collaborating with teams and organsiign your inbox.
  • Sanebox - This email client helps you focus better and remove clutter from your mailbox.

Tidy Mail

Newton Mail promotes a tidy inbox by automatically removing any clutter or unwanted mail.


Focus on your emails using the Zenbox feature.

Easy to Navigate

Newton Mail isn't a confusing workflow, users can easily use this tool.

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