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Mural for video calls with your team.

What is Mural?

Mural is a collaborative whiteboard experience for teams to work together on tasks, projects and ideas. It allows for video chats and conferences to take place in one space.

Mural is an easy enough app to begin using, you can use stickers, notes, and arrows and there's also plenty of free templates to get your team started with collaboration.

Overall, Mural is a shared visual digital canvas for increasing engagement within your team, learning new skills and solving problems, all in real time with each other.

Key Features of Mural

Here are some key features of Mural, the visual digital collaboration tool for teams.

  • Brainstorm ideas using templates.
  • Reflect on work using templates to enhance skills.
  • Chat on video with your team at the same time.
  • Create a strategy plan with your team using templates.
  • Use ice-breakers to enhance team relationships and motivation.

Who is Mural Best Suited For?

Mural is best suited for teams who need to work on their visual planning and collaborate together in real-time. You can use Mural for free and upgrade, the price is mid-range and could be worth it to allow for better features.

Mural isn't too hard to learn, you just need to practice with the tools and use templates to get started.


Mural allows for team collaboration to create and visualise ideas inside a canvas/whiteboard space.

Visual Canvas

Mural provides a creative visual canvas with sticky notes, arrows, pins and more to create a clear project plan.

Video Calls

Chat with your team and work on your canvas whilst on video call, see everyone at the side of the screen for a more interactive experience.

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