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monday Sales CRM Review (2024)

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict is known for their project management abilities with " Work Management" - but now you can use monday as a sales CRM system in one place, but what does it do and how does it work?

Sales Dashboard in sales CRM

What is monday CRM? sales CRM is designed as a way to capture leads, manage the pipelines & build a better project management approach to organizing them and maintaining them.

What does monday sales CRM do? sales CRM is designed to help you and your team coordinate incoming leads and manage them within a pipeline.

Traditionally, CRMs are designed with a contact-centric focus, whereas's system stems from their existing project management software, which is rated as one of the better options on the market. They have simply taken their existing platform and utilized it as a CRM solution.

Managing a sales CRM in

This is both a pro and a con, which we will explore. It utilizes some of the powerful features in to create a pipeline that is flexible and versatile for teams to use. CRM allows you to do a range of things, including bringing in contacts from existing integrations and marketplace items, as well as tracking deals using the variety of views available within's project management.

The experience is easy to use, with a range of templates to get started and features like mass email tracking, currently in beta, which coordinates emails to be sent via Most other communication integrations are partnered with other applications and integrations as part of the higher-tier pricing.

Best Features in monday Sales CRM

Here's some of the best features within monday Sales CRM:

Feature #1: Managing pipelines

Managing pipelines is fairly easy inside of monday sales CRM. It's something I was able to get started with quite easily, and if you've used project management software before, you'll find it familiar from day one.

Deal Pipeline in sales CRM

It resembles many of the features of the project management software hosted inside their software called work management. You can manage active contacts, deals, leads, accounts, and even projects.

This means you can still access functionality like subtasks, and most importantly, coordinate your contacts in a wide variety of views from cards to Kanban and everything in between, including file galleries, charts, calendars, and much more.

Managing a sales CRM in

This allows you to express things in different views and also narrow down on important items like group properties, filtering, and the type of person that it's associated with, making it perfect for managing your workload.

Compared to something like Pipedrive, this is a bit more extensive because it includes that layer of project management as an additional upgrade.

Feature #2: WorkForms

WorkForms in

WorkForms are a part of the sales CRM offering as well as, and they work quite well. It allows you to create a form to collect leads and contacts and bring them instantly into the sales pipeline. It's easy to connect with and set up integrations to streamline things from other applications.

Despite the application creating a new tab for the forms capability, which is a bit cumbersome, once you are using it, it works very well as you can customize the form extensively like you do within the existing work management system in

Feature #3: Email tracking

There are two email features in this sales CRM apart from the integrations available in the marketplace. There is an ability to create an email to a person by clicking on their email address, which automatically opens your Gmail account that you've connected with.

Mass Email in Sales CRM

This also works with Google Workspace and is really easy to use. I set up things quickly and was able to send an email using the templates and column fillers, and even track those activities inside the feed created for each contact.

It's really accessible, popping up in the bottom right corner. There’s also a mass email tracking ability where you select multiple contacts and send an email to them. However, compared to other software like Salesforce and even Folk CRM, which offers a trigger-based email setup, this seemed quite basic, but email tracking was available and it did allow you to see who had opened the emails and who clicked on certain parts of the email.

Pros & Cons of monday sales CRM

Here's our insights into which are the best elements and worst elements of using monday sales CRM for managing deals, leads and new contacts.



Strong project management abilities

Not as advanced as Pipedrive

My work area for organizing workload

Can feel like a PM solution

Range of integrations & tools

How much does monday sales CRM cost?

Here's how much the pricing is: sales CRM pricing, updated April 2024

Verdict: Is monday's CRM worth it? sales CRM is an interesting option. It feels like a general CRM system that can be used in a wide variety of situations and is a natural switch for teams already using It doesn’t offer what traditional CRM systems like Salesforce do, which is the most extensive CRM system on the market but probably not the most attractive.

Inside CRM, contact view, sales CRM

Pipedrive feels robust with a wide range of features, whereas sales CRM feels more like an all-rounder that relies on its integrations as the core offering. This is great if you’re a team that already knows monday or wants that layer of project management over your CRM. This is actually a good offering to you, so it seems like a relatively new product in's lineup alongside other solutions.

I'm typically expecting this to expand even further over the next year, but for now, the package is good for all-rounders looking for a bit of project management over the top of their CRM management.


Pipedrive, Salesforce CRM & Folk are alternatives to sales CRM.

Built by

Well-known project management software is now building tools for specific teams.


Good for capturing leads and managing the pipeline


Bringing in via their own forms system built inside of already

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