Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Stay connected with others and collaborate in real time using Microsoft products. Microsoft Teams is the communication glue between the Microsoft 365 line-up of products.

What's good about Microsoft Teams

What's good

  • Collaboration
  • Team Communication
  • Security
What's not good about Microsoft Teams

What's not good

  • Cluttered Interface

Microsoft Teams Key Features

Microsoft Teams  Key feature #1


Microsoft Teams integrates with other Microsoft apps such as SharePoint, OneNote, and Office 365. Users can share their screens and collaborate on projects in real-time.

Microsoft Teams  Key feature #2

Team Communication

Microsoft Teams allows for real-time chat and messaging, enabling users to communicate with their team members through text, audio, and video.

Microsoft Teams  Key feature #3


Microsoft is committed to integrity and ethical business practices, reflected in the security and privacy features of the platform, such as 2FA, end-to-end encryption, and compliance with global data protection regulations.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration tool within the Microsoft ecosystem. Teams, Schools, Businesses and other enterprises use Microsoft teams to have virtual meetings, collaborate on ideas, express their thoughts and work together.

Microsoft Teams is a solid team communication app used by many, from large companies to primary schools! You can communicate in multiple forms using Teams; you can hold virtual meetings, or use Messenger to chat.

Key Features of Microsoft Teams

These are some key features of Microsoft Teams:

  • Use the Microsoft Teams whiteboard to brainstorm ideas and collaborate in real-time with your team.
  • Set up channels for specific projects or topics, so everyone can easily find relevant information and updates.
  • Schedule meetings and appointments using the Teams calendar feature and invite attendees directly from the app.
  • Have meetings with your teams, share screens, blur your background and even use ‘together mode’ to make it look as though you are all virtually sat together!
  • Work with your team by sharing, editing and working on projects together using other Microsoft tools like Powerpoint and Excel.
  • Quickly make and receive calls inside Teams for a quick chat!
  • Or, use the chat messenger to send thoughts and ideas. You can use GIFS, stickers and emojis to make it more fun!

Best Suited for?

Those already in the Microsoft eco-system will easily enjoy the use of Teams, however, this app is overall best for those who need to work together, communicate often, and easily start a video call.

Microsoft Teams is activated by most teams using Microsoft 365 products. This helps them chat remotely and in-person too. Teams is one of the more modern pillars of a team's productivity stack.

Understanding Microsoft Teams

Questions, answered!

If you have Microsoft Loop activated, you can use loop components pasting them or storing them inside of Microsoft Teams - perfect for collaborating on a table, action list or more. In the new upgraded Teams for Windows, you will have a faster platform to do that on.

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