Mayday presents an AI-assisted calendar for organizing and protecting your week schedule. Upgrade how you approach time-blocking with Mayday, a newly launched calendar.

What's good about Mayday

What's good

  • Time Windows
  • FYI Events
  • Buffer Time
What's not good about Mayday

What's not good

  • No Microsoft 365

Mayday Key Features

Mayday Key feature #1

Time Windows

A neat feature designed to help you time-block on your calendar more effectively.

Mayday Key feature #2

FYI Events

A cool trick that allows you to still be invited to meetings, but not remain bombarded by them to have it in your mind - whilst not attending.

Mayday Key feature #3

Buffer Time

A smart way to schedule time post meetings or booking so you can prepare for the next, built into your booking process in Mayday.

Mayday Calendar: New Calendar App

Exploring Mayday Calendar for Planning

Not right now, Mayday is designed with SwiftUI for your calendar app to have a native feel on, currently, only iOS and macOS.

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