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Make Zapier alternative automations for workflow.

What is Make?

Make is a workflow automation tool for building simple workflows for the entire business process. It does this by connecting tools together in one place and automating actions.

Make is taking over as a new Zapier alternative, a well-known automation tool, providing a whole new range of useful features all inside a free workspace to get started with.

As a Zapier alternative, it has a range of differences such as the drag-and-drop ability in an unlimited canvas with multi-step workflows, you can read more about Make vs Zapier.

Key Features of Make

Here are the key features of Make, a no-code automation workflow tool for teams.

  • Drag and drop apps inside a canvas to visualise automated workflows.
  • Connect with a huge range of productivity tools to create business workflows and streamlined automation.
  • Start right away with templates, this is great for new startups or teams unsure how to use workflow automation apps.
  • See your data run and flow in real-time, allowing you to see any mistakes or where to make changes.
  • Test workflows in minutes so you can create the best processes right away, without having to trial in real-time.
  • No need to understand coding, or be an actual developer. Use tools like flow control and filtering to make the process of automation easier.

Make Alternatives

Zapier is a well-known alternative to Make including the likes of Workato & IFTTT.

Who is Make Best Suited For?

Make is built for teams looking to automate their workflows, from simple workflows between productivity tools across teams to entire business workflows for sales, marketing and more.

Make is also free to use for as long as you need, and then you can upgrade. There is a small amount of learning in terms of figuring out how automation work, however, you dot need to understand code or be a developer to use this tool.


Just like Zapier, Make automates workflow processes to speed up time and make life for teams and businesses easier. Build workflows and entire business processes.

Boosts Productivity

Automation apps like Make help boost team productivity by saving time. As a Zapier alternative, Make is great for making processes easier between apps.

Range of Use Cases

Different teams from IT, marketing, sales and more can use Make to automate workflows and processes.

Make: Zapier Alternative

Explore Make Further

Why is Make a good Zapier alternative?

Zapier is a more traditional automation too, Make has more, newer features specific to the app that make it stand out. Just one team needs an account to work on, you can create unlimited workflows, the app also uses different terminology for its features.

Is Make easy to get started with?

Make is easy to get started with as it provides you with templates for suggested automation for your business or desired workflow. From here you can learn the basics quite easily.

Who do you need to use workflow automation tools?

Workflow automation tools just make processes a whole lot easier for busy teams, or even those who just want to save time and boost productivity. It means you don't need to switch between apps and manually make changes to status updates and more.

Is Make really free?

Make is free for your first 1,000 apps you use with automation, after this you will have to upgrade to unlock more, and more features.

Are there other Zapier alternatives?

Workato, Make and IFTTT are popular Zapier alternatives.

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