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What is Lucidspark?

LucidSpark is a whiteboard collaboration tool designed for remote teams. Teams use it to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects and communicate with each other, real-time or a-sync which is perfect for remote teams globally based.

LucidSpark has a simple interface and workflow, allowing you to use templates to help get started with planning projects, you can also use sticky notes, lines, text and tables.

Overall, LucidSpark created a dynamic whiteboard experience for communicating, working together in real-time, and planning the execution of projects in real time.

Key Features of Lucidspark

Here are some key features of LucidSpark, the whiteboard tool from the Lucid Suite.

  • Simple whiteboard space with sticky notes, text boxes, tables and more.
  • Use the Notes feature to create checklists and to-dos for planning projects.
  • Create Polls for teammates to vote on ideas and suggestions.
  • Share the whiteboard with others in Slack by adding email addresses.
  • See what others are doing in real-time by following mouse icons.
  • Use templates to speed up processes and curve learning time.

Who is Lucidspark Best Suited For?

LucidSpark is best used for remote teams, this is because it offers great real-time collaborative abilities. LucidSpark has been around for some time, and it's still a super simple workspace to use, there won't be too much of a learning curve.

In terms of pricing, LucidSpark is priced per user, at around $9, you can also bundle the Lucid Suite to use their other products.

Remote Work

Lucidspark is great for remote teams who need to collaborate and brainstorm ideas together when working on projects.


Whiteboard tools are perfect for brainstorming ideas. With Lucidspark you can select all elements and automatically sort ideas with assisted grouping.


Collaborate in real-time with your team, create polls, send emoji reactions and use the chat box to send messages.

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Questions and Answers for LucidSpark Collaboration Tool

Is LucidSpark suitable for both small teams and large groups?

Yes, LucidSpark is designed for both small-group collaboration and larger-group sessions. Whether you're working with a small team on a specific project or conducting a workshop involving multiple participants, LucidSpark's flexible canvas and real-time collaboration features make it suitable for various group sizes.

Can I use LucidSpark offline?

No, LucidSpark is an online platform, so an internet connection is required to access and collaborate on boards.

Is LucidSpark accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, LucidSpark offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, enabling users to collaborate and contribute from their smartphones and tablets. Although it is best used on the web on a desktop.

Can I export my LucidSpark boards?

Yes, LucidSpark allows users to export boards in various formats such as PDF, PNG, and CSV, making it easy to share and save your work.

How secure is LucidSpark for sensitive information?

LucidSpark takes security seriously, employing encryption and adhering to industry standards to protect user data and information.

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