Kyugo App Review

Kyugo is a personal time assistant application that integrates with your calendar and helps you manage your time to create a better work-life balance.

What is Kyugo App?

Kyugo is a personal time assistant that helps you with planning meetings, organising your time and optimising your schedules to help create a better work-life balance.

Integrate with your Google Calendar and Kyugo will find your free time to help you quickly set up meetings with your team or others, this saves so much time and everything you are doing adds inside the circular calendar.

Kyugo is overall a very visually pleasing calendar and time app that boosts productivity and allows for a better work-life balance.

Kyugo Features

Here are some of Kyugo's features for a better work-life balance.

  • Circular calendar - This calendar presents a whole new way of working, it's a lot more visual and allows you to see how much free time you have in your day.
  • Blocks - Create fixed blocks to keep time separate for work, life, meetings and more. This is super helpful with planning for tasks and keeping up with habits.
  • User experience - Use Kyugo with one hand and choose the left or right settings. This makes the app really easy to navigate around.
  • Turn off the day - If for some reason you cannot complete your daily tasks, or you want to just turn off and relax, simply click turn off your day.

Kyugo Best For

Kyugo is best for personal use to create a healthier work-life balance by making sure your tasks are well spread throughout the day. You can also use this tool to help organise meetings and find free time which is great for busy teams.

Circular Calendar

Kyugo uses a circular calendar to provide a different visual for planning your days.

Works with Calendar

Kyugo finds your free time in your calendar to calculate when you can hold meetings and more.


Kyugo is handy for teams to quickly see free time and when to plan meetings or events.

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