Kinopio is a place for spacial thinking, where new ideas can be found and hard problems solved. This is an independently developed mind-mapping application for ideas.

What's good about Kinopio

What's good

  • Collaborative Workspace
  • Connected Thoughts
  • Fun
What's not good about Kinopio

What's not good

  • Busy Interface

Kinopio Key Features

Kinopio Key feature #1

Collaborative Workspace

Kinopio offers a digital collaborative workspace for you and your team to share ideas, connect thoughts and brainstorm for projects.

Kinopio Key feature #2

Connected Thoughts

Connect and link thoughts and ideas together to create a system that works for you. This can help break down a process or just organise notes.

Kinopio Key feature #3


Kinopio presents a fun and interesting workspace for yourself and your team, you can use different colours, images, stickers and frames.

What is Kinopio?

Kinopio is a fun and funky way to get your thoughts and ideas down on a collaborative workspace (or work on your own) - there’s no sign-up required and you work right away.

Use Kinopio for mind mapping, brainstorming, journaling, taking notes and pretty much anything else you desire. The best way to really see the workflow and the colourful interface of this app is to just take a look.

Key Features of Kinopio

These are some key features of Kinopio:

  • Create spaces to share with your team, or to organise your notes.
  • Choose from a range of templates to get you started.
  • Use colourful lines to link and connect thoughts and ideas.
  • Add tags to boxes to help organise.
  • Add cute little frames like the flowers shown in the image above.
  • Insert images and add links to boxes.

Additional Information

Kinopio's "connected notes" feature is one of its defining characteristics, allowing users to connect and organise their thoughts in a more visual and intuitive way.

With connected notes, users can create a network of ideas, thoughts, and connections, by linking individual notes together with lines and arrows.

This allows for a more flexible and fluid approach to ideation, allowing users to explore connections between ideas and uncover new insights.

Users can also collaborate on connected notes, working together to build on each other's ideas and develop more complex thought structures.

Best Suited For?

Kinopio is a super tool for anyone looking for a fun and interactive place to create mind maps, brainstorm and take notes.

You can use this app alone, or share your spaces with others to collaborate in real time. There's no need to sign up, so it's super quick and easy to get started.

Understanding Kinopio

Questions, answered!

Pirijan Keth created Kinopio to help people and teams create new ideas and understand why they think the way they do. Before Kinopio, he was the co-creator of

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