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What is Higher Goals?

Higher Goals is a habit and goal-tracking application that uses visuals like colours, animations, percentages and more to make users feel more motivated and inspired.

Higher Goals shows you how close you are to achieving your goals, how many more steps to take before creating a new habit and helps work towards your biggest North Star.

This app uses SMART goals so you can create a good plan for working towards achievable goals and creating sustainable habits. It's also easy to use and has a great interface.

Key Features of Higher Goals

Here are some key features of Higher Goals, the habit and goal tracking application.

  • Streaks statistics and weekly trends help create a better plan for goals and habits.
  • North Star for your biggest goal. Always shown at the top of the page.
  • SMART goals. Great for creating actionable and achievable goals without stress.
  • Sync your app between devices to always have access and motivational reminders.

Who is Higher Goals Best Suited For?

Higher Goals is really good for individuals who have a big goal they want to work towards, the use of visuals and animations helps keep the app fun and motivational. The app itself isn't too expensive at around £4 per month. It's also easy to get started with and understand.


Higher Goals uses visuals like animations, percentages and colours to help build new habits.


Create habits for anything you want, this can be for work, health, relationships and more.

North Star

The North Star is your biggest ambition, this is the goal all your habits can work towards to help you achieve this one big thing.

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