Headway is a digital book library of self development books for a range of topics.

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Headway wants to be summarise information in a smarter fashion & beyond.

Non Fiction Reading Alternative to Blinkist

What is Headway?

Headway is a self-development application for reading non-fiction books in shorter amounts of time. This application provides a huge range of books in different genres and needs to suit the preferences of the user. When you first log in to Headway an initial challenge is presented to you based on the information you provide at the start.

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How does Headway work?

Throughout the app, you can complete many challenges for learning new topics and skills. For example, if you are interested in improving your relationships, you can follow a sequence to help you with that. Overall Headway provides short snippets and summaries of longer books, meaning you can listen, read and learn on the go, in less time.

Headway Features

These are the key features of the Headway app.

  • A wide range of books for self-development
  • Free daily reads
  • Challenges for specific development needs, for example, "finding happiness"
  • Daily insights for snippets of information about books
  • New books are always added
  • Repetition cards for remembering important information
  • Unlock achievements
  • Create a reading streak and a new habit.
Headway App

Is Headway a Good App For Me?

If you are someone who would love to dive into self-development, learn new things, and improve on a range of aspects in your life, Headway is a great app for that.

You can quickly skim through important parts of these books and begin implementing them into your life right away. The audio feature is also super handy for anyone on the go, looking for small amounts of time to read.

Pros and Cons of Reading Book Summaries

Lots of self-development books can be very long, overly informative, and sometimes overwhelming. The benefit of reading book summaries and taking in snippets of the most important information is that readers can learn quicker, on the go and not have to read non-important parts all books use as filler.

The con of reading book summaries is you don't receive the same experience. Reading a whole book you learn about backstories, added bits of information, and maybe a better explanation of things.So it depends really on what kind of reader you are, and what you want to achieve from reading self-development books.

Do you want the whole experience or just a quick overview?

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