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FitMind App Review

FitMind is a science-backed mental fitness tool to help users begin their meditation journey. It provides a 30-day course for meditation to get to know the basics and create a habit.

What is FitMind App?

FitMind is a guided meditation app to help improve your mental fitness, meditation practice, memory and mindfulness. The app is backed by science with research and knowledge from probably the best experts at meditation and brain know-how.

Monks, psychologists and neuroscientists all have input into this tool to help create a 30-day course accessible to anyone who wants to start their meditation journey. It makes it easy to begin meditation by learning everything you need to know about the practice.

Once you have completed the course you can also use features for breath work and dive into deeper courses more specific to your personal needs.

FitMind Features

Here are some of FitMind's best features for guided meditation and mental stimulation.

  • 30-day advanced course - This meditation course is used in training centres to help combat addictions and anxiety, it's used in schools and organisations too. The 30-day course is to get you started and fully understand the science behind meditation and how it can work for you.
  • Daily challenges - The app will set you daily challenges to complete to help build up a better habit of mindfulness, meditation, breathing practices and more. You can treat daily challenges like tasks and tick them off when they're complete.
  • Extras - You can do more than just meditate with FitMind. You can also ask questions, listen to the podcast, practice breathing, read more about the science behind meditation and the app and even see recommended books.

FitMind Best For

FitMind has been used as a training tool in places like schools, organisations and more to help people overcome their minds and begin a new mindfulness practice to beat addictions, negative thoughts and any other issues.

So, if you are someone who wants to take their mindfulness and self-growth to the next level FitMind might be a good place to start just to learn the basics.


FitMind helps users begin their meditation journey with guided courses and explanations for how to meditate.

Mental Fitness

FitMind is said to help improve mental fitness such as memory, mindfulness and more.


FitMind uses knowledge from experts such as neuroscientists, monks and psychologists.

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