What is Everlog?

Everlog is a journal application that allows you to format plain text easily, like adding bullet points, headers and more to create a piece of writing to suit your journal needs.

It's an easy-to-use journal application with a very simple interface, which isn't a bad thing when you want to focus on writing down your thoughts, ideas, notes and anything else.

Everlog is overall a very simple journal application with the features you'd want and expect with an app like this, such as locking, syncing, organisation and formatting tools.

Key Features of Everlog

Here are some key features of Everlog, the full-featured journal application for iOS.

  • Use comments and threads to follow up with past journal entries.
  • Lock your journal using a passcode, Touch ID or Face ID and open it with an Apple watch.
  • Sync your journal between devices to always access your writing.
  • Organise your journal entries using tags, and add entries to specific journals.
  • Bookmark your favourite entries for easier access to them.
  • Add photos to your journal entries.

Who is Everlog Best Suited For?

Everlog is great for personal use, journaling is a very personal thing to do, so an app like this is really helpful. Especially with the added privacy and markdown features for formating. If you're someone who already enjoys journaling or wants to start, Everlog is easy and has a simple interface to reduce feeling overwhelmed. The app is free however premium features do come at an extra cost per month.

Privacy Focused

Everlog uses multiple methods of locking your journal, you can unlock with Touch or Face ID, a passcode and with your Apple Watch.

Markdown Formatting

Add things like tags, bullet points, headings and more with Markdown.


Organise your journal entries with tags, or within their own journals.

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