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Eden Habits

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Eden Habits Overview

Eden is a habit tracker application to help users create a healthier routine through consistent habits. It uses a garden theme to gamify the action of completing habits.

What is Eden Habits?

Eden Habits is a daily habit-tracking application for users to easily input the habits they want to create and tick them off when they are done.

Each time you complete a habit the garden will grow a little more, if you miss habits, the garden will start to wilt away. This gives the user some motivation to keep going, and to keep completing the habits.

Eden is also customisable, you can change the background, the type of plants, the music, and the scenery. It is a really pretty application, great for anyone who likes this aesthetic.

Eden Habits Features

Here are some of Eden's best features for habit tracking.

  • Plan your habits - You can set recurring habits for certain days, this saves you time having to input the same habits each day.
  • Flower scenes - Eden uses the theme of growing your own flowers when you complete habits, the whole app is very flower-based and follows that aesthetic.
  • Timers & reminders - You can set timers for completing tasks, this helps you stay on track and eliminate distractions whilst completing the task. You can also set reminders to pop up when you need to complete another habit.

Who is Eden Habits Best For?

Eden Habits is a good app for anyone who doesn't want an overwhelming space and just needs a simple habit-tracking tool for their daily habits.

It's more ideal and aimed towards those who like the pretty flower aesthetic and will find the growing the garden aspect fun.


Eden is a super simple and easy habit tracker to use. Just set your daily habits, complete them and watch the garden grow.

Garden Theme

Eden uses a garden theme for users to watch their flowers grow as they complete habits.


Eden is a simple and easy habit-tracking tool for creating healthier routines through achievable small habits.

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