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Daylio is a self-care journal with mood-tracking abilities and goal-setting. Users can track their mood, set goals, journal with notes and then see stats through their entries.

What is Daylio and who’s it for?

Daylio is a combination of things. It's a mood tracker, goal tracker and self-care journal tool. You can write about your mood and what might have caused it, you can also set goals for the week, month or year. You can then see your tracking streaks and stats inside the calendar.

Daylio is for people who want to make sense of their feelings, track their daily activities and set goals all in one place. This makes it easy to manage your day and your mood in one app.

Daylio Pros - Multi-Purpose Tool

Here are some of the best features for Daylio the self-care journal.

  • Mood Tracking - An app where you can track your mood alongside activities is super helpful when you want to better understand what affects how you're feeling.
  • Journaling - Use Daylio to journal your thoughts and feelings or just write down a good old brain dump.
  • Goals - Set goals inside this app to give you even more motivation to achieve the small to larger things you want to reach.
  • Fun Interface - Daylio has a fun and easy-to-navigate interface making this app easy to use for anyone.

Daylio Cons - Not in Depth Enough For Mood Tracking

So what are the negatives for Daylio?

  • Mood abilities - Some users say they wish the mood-tracking abilities could go a little further. Just so they can better understand and explore their feelings and why they feel a certain way.
  • Too much? - Do you need an app that combines mood tracking, goal setting and journaling all in one go, or is it better to have specialised apps that work a lot better?

Daylio Verdict

We think Daylio is a really great app if you want to have lots of abilities and features in one place without feeling overwhelmed. The ability to set goals and see statistics can be useful for productivity and progression.

Daylio Alternatives - ***


Daylio takes your moods and activities and turns them into statistics so you can make sense of why you feel a certain way.

Mood Tracking

Tracking your mood each time you enter the app and select the activities or reasons for it.

Goal Setting

Use Daylio to set daily, weekly or monthly goals to work towards.

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