Dark Noise

Dark Noise

What is Dark Noise?

Dark Noise is an ambient sound application with over 50 sounds. It helps increase focus, improve sleep quality and overall create a more relaxing, ambient atmosphere for its users.

With Dark Noise you can choose from existing soundscapes, or select a few and customise them to create a soundscape you enjoy, for whatever you want to use it for.

For example, you might enjoy the sounds of rain, along with the sound of birds and the waves, combine these sounds together inside the mixer to create the perfect sound.

Key Features of Dark Noise

Here are some key features of Dark Noise, the ambient sound mixing application.

  • Over 50 ambient sounds for focus, sleep and relaxation.
  • Use the Mixer to create your own custom sounds using the wide range of existing soundscapes.
  • When on the desktop, shrink the window into a mini player to use the Dark Noise controls whilst working.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to quickly get around the application.
  • Add customisable widgets.
  • Choose from a range of 10 themes to customise the app.
  • Set a timer to fade out the noise, perfect for sleeping.

Who is Dark Noise Best Suited For?

Dark Noise is great for personal use, it's an app for those who enjoy listening to background sounds and noises to aid with sleep, focus and relaxation. You can mix your own sounds to create the perfect soundscape too, so maybe this is a good place for people who have never used focus sounds to give it a go.

It's also not too expensive, around $2.99 per month for the Pro version, the app is also easy enough to learn, only needing a little experience with the mixing feature.


Dark Noise comes with over 50 soundscapes to choose from to help sleep, focus and create a calm atmosphere.

Custom Mixes

Customise the available sounds from rain, to coffee shop noises to create the perfect ambient soundscape for you.


Dark Noise helps users create an ambient space for focus, sleep and relaxation.

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