Daily Bean

Daily Bean

What is Daily Bean?

Daily Bean is a digital journaling app for tracking your mood and emotions. It uses these cute little bean emojis you can choose from depending on your mood.

When you reflect on your day you choose from different categories to record what you have done that day to help you understand what could impact your mood and feelings.

Overall Daily Bean is a really nice easy-to-use mood tracking application to help you better understand how you are feeling and reflect on your emotions over time.

Key Features of Daily Bean

Here are some key features of Daily Bean the digital journal and mood-tracking app.

  • See your moods in the monthly calendar to see an overall reflection.
  • Add images and notes to your daily entries to help understand mood.
  • Customise the categories and icons for your daily reflections.
  • See your mood stats weekly and monthly to understand the patterns of your mood.

Who is Daily Bean Best Suited For?

Daily Bean is best suited for personal use since it's your own mood and emotions you will be tracking. Its an easy-to-use application and anyone can get started with it. You can use Daily Bean for free or upgrade for a small fee to unlock other emojis and stats.

Mood Tracking

The main purpose of Daily Bean is to track your mood, over time this helps better understand your emotions and how to control them.

Easy to Use

Daily Bean is a really easy to use application, you just select a mood and add in details.

Cute Interface

Daily Bean has a really aesthetically pleasing and cute interface with changeable Beans.

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