Manage your habits, measure goals, time and even objectives in Conjure. This is aiming to be your hub for anything metric based for keeping progress going.

What's good about Conjure

What's good

  • Design
  • Not Just Goals
  • Dashboards
What's not good about Conjure

What's not good

  • Pricey for Paid

Conjure Key Features

Conjure Key feature #1


A unique feature is a block-like layout for you to build your own home page for all your goals, habits and measurements you're tracking.

Conjure Key feature #2


Not just habit-tracking, anything measurable, Conjure offers too. Allowing you to track time, habits, goals and objectives in one base.

Conjure Key feature #3


A clean design that presents a nice base for your habits and all things measurable. Conjure have done well too to offer desktop, mobile and web tools.

What is Conjure?

Conjure offers a habit-tracking tool with a twist.

Unlike many other habit trackers, it expands the concept to time, goals, objective and measurable targets. This means you aren't limited to solely habits you have in mind for keeping a streak on - which you can do too.

There's elements in Conjure that are very cool like the ability to log a reason behind not completing an item - with sick days, vacation & more custom options.

They also offer a way to keep track of everything in a blink with dashboard view too.

The Best Features of Conjure for Habits

Habit tracking in Conjure is multi-platform offering an all-round way to access, here's some of the better features within this new habit tracking tool:

  • Time - Not just habits come in Conjure, but time too. You can track stints of work. Now, granted it will not work as effectively as dedicated time tracking tools like Toggl - but it'll give you a way to track sessions you are in of deep focus and more.
  • Dashboards - Build your own little dashboards so when you open your new day, you can see the habits you're streaking on, major links and also details to more objectives and goals you're tracking.
  • Measures - This will allow you to track a type of activity based on a metric like timestamps, time entry and more. Giving you a bit freedom to analyse your data as you enter it.
  • Goals/Objectives - This is good for high level goals, maybe not a dedicated goal tracking tool, but offering a way to see that alongside important habits - which plays together really nicely.
  • Resources - The guides and articles they provide are super helpful from day one.

Watch our deep dive:

Who's Conjure Best Suited For?

Those who want more holistic habit tracking.

Want to track more than just a habit, well Conjure might be for you. It allows for more expansive data, integrations with Apple Health and more - and a beautiful, widely available set of tools to kick you off.

This is an interesting all-rounder with more abilities. Despite the higher pricing, if you're someone who's hooked on habits and want to see the 50,000 feet view, might be great habit tracking tool for you. This is probably a more advanced habit tracking than the average person would need, but if you want to collect data and track it well, this is for you.

Alternatives to Conjure Habits are Habitica, Habitify and Superhabit.

Understanding Conjure

Questions about Conjure for habits

Conjure is developed by James Whelton, bootstrapped and based out of Ireland.

Other Habit Trackers

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