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Confluence is a tool for centralising all information for teams regarding tasks, projects and more and giving a space to collaborate and communicate all in one.

What is Confluence and who’s it for?

Confluence combines knowledge management and team collaboration in one space. This gives remote teams a space to have all the information they need at hand and to be able to collaborate and communicate about tasks and projects together.

Confluence is best suited for remote teams who need a centralised space for working and collaborating out of the office. You can upgrade Confluence as your team expands too.

Confluence Pros - Knowledge Management

Let's take a look at the best features of Confluence for knowledge management.

  • Pages and spaces - Pages are where teams can create documents of information, and then you can use spaces for each team or each project to hold all the information it needs.
  • Whiteboards - Collaborate and brainstorm ideas with the open canvas whiteboard. You can use smartlinks, and sticky notes to convert in Jira to tasks and see the team working on it in real time.
  • Knowledge base - Build a knowledge base for the team to come back to if they need to recap or learn something. Use the advanced search and content tree to find whatever you are looking for.
  • Integrate - Use other Atlassian tools like Trello to create a workflow to optimise how you and your team manage tasks and projects.

Confluence Cons

Here are some cons for using Confluence versus other collaboration tools.

  • Time tracking - Confluence doesn't offer as many time tracking and progress tracking abilities, unlike some other popular collaboration tools.
  • Use other apps - To make the most of managing projects and tasks, through to carrying them out, you might have to integrate or use other tools for better management depending on the scale of your projects.

Confluence Verdict

We think Confluence is a good tool for having all knowledge and information in one place, easily accessible to teams to find what they are looking for, it's also a good place to start with managing teams and projects through collaboration.

Confluence Alternatives

Other tools for collaboration and project management are;

  • Microsoft Loop - This tool centralises all documents and information into one Microsoft Loop space for teams to work together.
  • Craft - In Craft, you can create and store information and documents for teams to refer back to when carrying out projects and tasks.

Centralised Information

Confluence gives teams a space to hold all information about roles, projects, tasks, business information and more.


Work with your team anywhere and everywhere using Confluence.

Flexible Workspace

You can create anything you like from tables to documents inside Confluence.

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