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Confluence Review (2024)

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

Confluence is a tool by Atlassian, one of the leading software providers, and wants to be your team's knowledge base. But does it make for a good wiki tool for your team?

Confluence Docs

What is Confluence?

Confluence is a team wiki application for managing everything docs & knowledge.

What does Confluence do?

Think of Confluence as your team's brain.

Many apps like this are rising in the team spaces as people want to bring all their knowledge into one location and reduce it being trapped inside of apps like Slack and team communication platforms. Confluence wants to solve that problem by centralizing knowledge into one place for new starters, those who want to access anytime & even external client access too.

These tools are called team wiki apps or team knowledge software.

Confluence Meeting Notes

Top Confluence Features

Here's some of the notable ways to expand your Confluence use:

  • Documents - Powerful documents with templates to help get you started have all the multimedia and table abilities to start collaboration and leaving comments for others
  • Automations - There are a range of automations to help sow the tools you use every day together and work quite well with recommendations that come up.
  • Whiteboards - This feature is locked under premium, but allows you to use a Miro like experience for managing ideas and expanding on documents. This is a neat feature.
Confluence Whiteboards

Combine tasks, calendar, meeting booking links & task consolidation into one.

Bring tasks from ClickUp, Notion, Gmail, Todoist & more in Akiflow for organizing in one.

How much does Confluence cost?

Confluence is free up to 10 users, pricing starts at around $6 per user, per month.

Confluence Pricing, Updated March 2024

The concensus is that Confluence pricing is standard in the space.

Confluence Verdict

Confluence is a great all-round way to manage documents in teams.

Confluence Spaces

One of the largest companies backs this tool and you can tell, it is packed with all types of abilities that retain the structure you need to manage a team knowledge base, something that apps like Slite and Slab are aiming to help solve too.

Confluence is one of the best all-rounder team knowledge bases, with some unique abilities (automations, calendar) for teams looking for something simple, yet powerful. Plus, the free plan is super generous at 10 users, free.

Best Confluence Alternatives

Other tools for collaboration and project management are;

  • Notion - This is one the newer, growing alternatives for teams looking to collaborate.
  • Microsoft Loop - This tool centralises all documents and information into one Microsoft Loop space for teams to work together.
  • Craft - In Craft, you can create and store information and documents for teams to refer back to when carrying out projects and tasks.

Combine tasks, calendar, meeting booking links & task consolidation into one.

Bring tasks from ClickUp, Notion, Gmail, Todoist & more in Akiflow for organizing in one.

Centralised Information

Confluence gives teams a space to hold all information about roles, projects, tasks, business information and more.


Work with your team anywhere and everywhere using Confluence.

Flexible Workspace

You can create anything you like from tables to documents inside Confluence.

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