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What is ConceptBoard?

ConceptBoard is a digital collaboration tool for remote teams to work together inside an infinite canvas. It's great for brainstorming, managing projects, holding meetings and sharing ideas. You can join other boards, assign tasks and see live cursors when working.

Best Features of ConceptBoard

Here's some of the best features of ConceptBoard, the collaboration tool for teamwork.

  • Collaboration features allow you to join other boards, @mention others and see live cursors when working together on projects.
  • ConceptBoard is focused on data protection and being GDPR compliant, it uses self-hosting and managed hosting options.
  • Choose from a range of templates to get you started on creating boards for specific use cases such as workshops, meetings and storytelling.
  • Work anywhere around the world with internet access inside an infinite canvas, add stickers, draw, add lists and more.

Who Uses ConceptBoard?

ConceptBoard is for remote teams to work digitally on projects together inside a clean and simple workspace. You can use ConceptBoard for free or upgrade for different team sizes.


Concept Board is great for collaborating with your team. Join other boards and see live cursors.

Infinite Canvas

Brainstorm ideas and work with your team on an infinite canvas with no restrictions for space, or the amount of information you can input.

Managed Hosting

Use Concept Boards managed hosting to save data using different security levels such as public, dedicated and on-premises.

Answering Questions About Concept Board

Learn More About Concept Board

Can I use Concept Board for solo use?

Yes, you can use Concept board to brainstorm your own ideas and manage your own projects.

Is Concept Board easy to use?

Concept Board provides a clean and simple interface to brainstorm ideas on an infinite canvas, you can also download different templates to make it easier.

Can you do real time collaboration with Concept Board?

Yes, you can collaborate in real-time and even see live cursors of those you are working with.

How can Concept Board help me with organising projects?

You can create project folders to store and organise all your project boards. You can also add attachments, files @mention others and share your boards.

What tools can I use for editing the canvas in Concept Board?

With Concept Board you can use sticky notes, shapes, arrows, text and draw.

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