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Bubble.io Review (2024)

Pros, Cons, Features & Verdict

Bubble.io is a no-code web app builder for developers to create tools, dashboards, workflows, and more. But does it work for your team?

What is Bubble.io?

Bubble.io is a powerful no-code web app builder to create digital products without knowing how to use code or overcome a steep learning curve to create online.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

How does Bubble.io work?

With Bubble.io you can use various design and style options to create anything from social media apps to marketplaces. It's a completely functional and flexible tool to build whatever you want online, for example, you can create multi-user apps, websites, and much more by adding in text, data, plugins, images, and workflows.

Overall, Bubble.io is for developers or businesses who want to create unique products, or a website from scratch that perfectly fits their business needs.

Bubble.io Tool Builder

Bubble.io Pros - No-Code

Here are some of Bubble.io's best features for creating no-code digital products.

  • Build from scratch - You can create an entire website based on the user experience and how they will navigate the site via the design page.
  • No-code - Just drag and drop the elements onto the page to create the web app you want, you don't need to understand or know how to code.
  • Hosting - You can also host and deploy your website through Bubble.io, this way you can manage data and any background issues in one place.
  • Collaborate - Work alongside your team in real-time, you can have up to 40 collaborators at one time, or you can all work privately on your own time.

Bubble.io Cons

Here are a few common negative reviews of Bubble.io

  • Customer support - Some have mentioned the customer support for Bubble.io isn't great or almost non-existent. This isn't good if you need help with using this app.
  • Free trial issues - Others have also mentioned issues with starting the free trial and problems with payments or subscriptions.

Used by over 100,000 teams worldwide — Try it now for free / No credit card needed

Run all your work on one platform with customizable products that scale with your needs.

Bubble.io Verdict

For teams with no code experience wanting to build web apps, Bubble is very helpful for saving time and developing without any specific coding knowledge.

Bubble.io App

We think Bubble.io is a clever tool for those wanting to develop their own web apps without the need to know how to code. It's worth giving tools like this a free trial before signing up just to make sure it's the correct development tool for you.


Bubble.io is a no-code builder, meaning you don't have to learn how to code and can create straight away.

Design Abilities

Bubble.io hosts a range of design options for creating any kind of web app, this can include social media, dashboards and more.


Build with your team by collaborating in design mode.

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