What is Bloks?

Bloks is a productivity application powered by AI. It claims to be like an expansion pack for productivity, saving you time and enabling you to get more done.

Bloks uses AI to assist with the usual time-consuming tasks like prepping for meetings, drafting messages, setting reminders, writing to-do lists and so much more.

Using AI inside productivity applications like Bloks creates a streamlined environment for individuals and teams, meaning you can worry about tasks at hand, instead of organising notes and remembering when your next meeting is.

Bloks uses a three-step process, first, you capture your ideas, notes or whatever it is you want to write down, next the application intelligently organises what you have captured by adding tags and giving context. Finally, AI assist helps you create drafts, prep for meetings and set reminders.

The Key Features of Bloks for Notes

These are Bloks key features for managing notes and tasks:

  • Capture notes, to-dos, lists and more.
  • Transcribe conversations, and create summaries and to-do lists from meetings.
  • Automatically organises what you capture.
  • Gives more context to captures like linking to relevant emails, attachments and notes.
  • Works inside all your usual meeting applications.
  • Get reminded of follow-ups.
  • See your plan for the day, week and stay on top of important meetings and tasks.

Is Bloks A Good Choice For Me?

Bloks is a very user-friendly application great for anyone with any need. If you are someone who has lots of meetings, takes lots of notes and needs to save time, Bloks can be a good choice for you.

With Bloks, you can automatically create meeting summaries, drafts, notes to-dos and more. This application will save you much-needed time for other important tasks, and act just like a productivity assistant.

Bloks is currently launched as of April 18th 2023. Alternatives to Bloks could be Twos.


Get automated meeting summaries and notes to help save time, and remember important information.

AI Assist

Use Bloks AI assist to 10x your speed, get more done, and create a streamlined workspace for all your notes, to-dos and tasks.

Built For Everyone

Bloks is a versatile application, readily built for anyone and to suit any needs. Great for freelancers, self-employed and teams.

Bloks: AI Powered Notes

Explore Bloks Further

Is Bloks available to download?

Right now, Bloks is only early access but is expected to launch in 2023.

Does Bloks helps meetings?

Bloks wants to be your note-taking tool as well as managing tasks and meetings too. With the AI abilities they have, they want to transcribe but also plug in with tools like Zoom, Webex and more meeting platforms to make meeting notes better and more AI focused.

Is Bloks a Notion replacement?

Bloks market themselves as an AI-Powered Productivity Assistant. Right now, it isn't a Notion alternative more of a lightweight tool that takes notes, using AI and has the ability to handle tasks, meetings and collect items. More comparable to Twos.

Who created Bloks?

Marc Gingras is the founder of Bloks.

What is Bloks's mission?

They want to handle your attention better. Here's a statement from their website summarising that "We are constantly bombarded with thousands of notifications, messages, meetings, documents, recordings, and apps. Our attention is solicited at every moment of the day. And what should be simple is now complex."

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