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Blobby App Review

Blobby is a habit tracker application that gives you a pocket friend to motivate you to complete your habits to work towards your goals.

What is Blobby App?

Blobby is a daily habit-tracking app that allows you to set habits in multiple categories such as career, finance and mind. This is to help users focus on creating a healthy habit in each area to work on each day.

The app is very simple and shows a small blobby creature, you can customise it with hairstyles and hats, Blobby will be sad and unhappy if you haven't completed your task, and when you do, he will then be happy and you'll feel more accomplished.

So overall, Blobby is a very easy-to-use and navigate habit-tracking tool. Once you have added your habits you can also go in and track them to see how close you are to your goals.

Blobby Features

Here are some of Blobby's main features for habit tracking and goal setting.

  • Range goals - This is a really cool feature for habit tracking. It basically gives you the choice to set a main bigger goal and a base goal. So for example, if you can hit the main goal of the day, hit the baseline. Doing something is better than doing nothing.
  • Journal - Blobby gives you a space to reflect on your feelings throughout the day and when you complete habits. This helps hold you accountable and to recognise how you are feeling and what could be affecting your mood.
  • No streaks - Blobby does let you track your progress but it doesn't use streaks like most other habit-tracking apps. Instead, you can just build on your progress without worrying your scores will go down.
  • Breathing - Blobby also has a space for breathing, this just helps you re-centre yourself and take a moment to relax and reset your mind.

Who is Blobby Best For

Blobby is a nice little habit-tracking app good for anyone who wants that cute gamified place to track habits, breathe, journal and keep track of their progress in one space. It's great for encouraging you to create a habit for different areas of life and talk about your feelings throughout the day.


Set habits and goals for categories such as fitness, finance, career, mind and social.


You can define goals inside Blobby to give you something to work towards and extra motivation.


Customise Blobby with hairstyles and hats.

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