Appflowy Review

Best Features, Pricing, Alternatives & Verdict

Appflowy is a free, open-source alternative to Notion and they want you to know that.

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What is Appflowy?

Appflowy is an open-source alternative to Notion for projects and knowledge management.

What does Appflowy do?

Appflowy wants to be a way for your team to manage knowledge and information whilst allowing them to also manage projects with Kanban boards too.

The main premise of Appflowy is the secure nature allowing you to manage your workspaces offline, using E2E and not allowing the vendor to have the data you use within the application which is something you see in many project management apps.

Appflowy Best Features

Here's some of the best bits in Appflowy that we liked:

1. Offline

The abilities for offline management is good for those who struggle with using Notion offline. Whilst it won't have many of the fantastic Notion powers, it still works offline which currently (as of this review) Notion does not have.

2. Open-Source

Teams are getting more conscious of how the data is being used. Appflowy runs E2E with secure workspaces to make sure the data isn't taken by the vendor and stored securely.

Appflowy Mobile App,

3. Basic Project Abilities

Appflowy won't replace Notion, but it will do the basics. Like manage notes, documents, light Kanban board management and grid based views too. Within the editor abilities, you can now use AI to help craft documents and build better spaces.

How much does Appflowy cost?

Appflowy is free.

Appflowy Verdict

Appflowy is an interesting option in a growing market.

Project Management in, Appflowy

The benefits to using it above apps like Notion is that the system is built offline, open-source (meaning that the development is more transparent) and surprisingly free. This makes is an option for those wanting something more secure, but lighter on features than most team knowledge management solutions.

This works well for small teams aiming for better project management. This won't be the perfect all-in-one workspace, but the key benefit is security.

Best Appflowy Alternatives

Notion, Coda and tools like Almanac are Appflowy competitors.


Access Appflowy systems offline without any issues.

Open Source

Built with open-source to help make the project transparent.


Wide range of devices and access for free.

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