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Aloe Bud is a habit and daily routine app that helps promote daily activities important for your health and mind. From brushing your teeth to walking outside.

What is Aloe Bud and who’s it for?

Aloe Bud wasn't made to just be like every other health habit tracker, it was made to help you create the healthy habits you need to perform each day, from taking a shower, eating your meals to going to bed at the right time. The interface has this cool pixelated feel making the app feel like a game. Overall Aloe Bud helps users plan their day, then giving them a space to track their healthy habits and tick them off.

Aloe Bud is for anyone who needs that little push to do the things that make their mind and body healthier and happier. It's a really easy app to use and there's no wrong way to use it.

Aloe Bud Pros - Cute Theme

Aloe Bud is a great little habit and daily routine app. Here are some of its best features.

  • Pocket companion - Aloe Bud has pre-set habits and daily routines for you to add to the app, you can see them all in one space and you can tick them off when you are done. The app works as a reminder to take care of yourself through small daily activities.
  • Journal - There's a built-in journal so you can have the chance to write about how you're feeling, your day, something you want to remember or how completing a habit made you feel.
  • Reminders - Set reminders on your phone so you never forget to complete one of your habits, you can set a time for the habit to repeat throughout the day.
  • It's Free - Aloe Bud is free to use because the creators of the app wanted to give individuals a space to help take care of themselves at no cost.

Aloe Bud Verdict

We think Aloe Bud is a really neat little tool for creating a healthier daily routine to help users remember to look after their minds and their bodies throughout the day. The tool has great reviews and it's free, so what's not to like?

Aloe Bud Alternatives

If you want a more in-depth habit-tracking tool check these out.

  • Everyday Habit - Another colourful and fun habit-tracking tool is also available on desktop.
  • Conjure Habit - A habit-tracking app with a focus on times, objectives and achievements.


Aloe Bud has this fun 90's inspired pixelated interface.


Aloe Bud is really easy and fun to use, just choose the habits and tick them off.

Daily Routines

Aloe Bud promotes the creation of daily routines with its pre-set habits.

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