Evernote's Troubled Rut: Real User Comments

22nd Jun, 2023

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Evernote Rut - June 2023

Evernote used to want to be a 100-year company, under the rule of Phil Libin, they were the talk of the town. Now, Evernote continues to be the talk of the town, under two conversations - their introduction of AI features and sadly, there lack of stability.

Today, we unpack what people are truly facing inside of Evernote and how Evernote can find their way out of this rut they are in. With many users packing their bags for apps like Reflect Notes, Obsidian & Nimbus Notes.

Let's first look at some real user comments of what Evernote is facing right now.

Speed & Function of Evernote

Let's look at actual user comments, whilst removing their names for privacy (despite many being public comments) to see what issues Evernote are facing right now.

Many of them centre around the following:

  • Lagging of the note loading
  • Inability to use real-time editing function
  • Issues adding notes into trash
  • Lack of ability to get hold of customer support
  • Not saving notes into account

Here's a host of them from social media sites:

User 1 - Trash Issues

Evernote User Issue, Submitted by Twitter
Customer Support, Evernote

User 3 - Empty Saves

Evernote Issue

User 4 - Outages

Evernote Issue Logging Into Site

The Positive Notes

It hasn't all been issues. Evernote has been gaining some value from users for upgrading features in the time they've been working on the new Evernote AI.

And give it dues, we enjoyed using the new Evernote AI CleanUp notes ability, outside of some syncing issues and loading of account, which as a core experience could put you off.

Evernote Good Feedback, Comment

What Bending Spoons Can Do for Evernote?

We recently sat down with the Evernote team at Bending Spoons to discuss the role they are playing in the evolution of the product into a world they dominate, AI. Discussing AI and pricey, one thing was clear.

The new premise was Evernote is built on a different thinking than the former.

The pricing of $14.99 for personal and $17.99 for professional, monthly, reflects the nature of what Bending Spoons wants to do - make Evernote more of a premium productivity tool. With the pressure of the past 5 years of Evernote's inconsistent feature releases and issues of leadership changes, Bending Spoons have a limited window of time to show they are making change.

Many of the user comments above seem to all be associated with features like real-time editing in Evernote or note-loading, and the aggressive change in pricing model, so early on in the buyout of Evernote. From what we've gathered, these 2 core things are what Evernote needs to balance the love and hate in the air right now:

  • Stable Framework - Solid software releases that give users faith in using it.
  • Novel Features - AI or features that present a practical advancement of your notes.

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