Best Premium Productivity Tools in 2023

Best Premium Productivity Apps

Some productivity tools are a lot more expensive than others, and I suppose there is a reason for that. Think of premium productivity tools like a more expensive supermarket. You go there for a better experience and fancier products, but only if you need to.

Cheaper alternatives can be good enough to suit your needs, rather than splashing out on expensive productivity apps.

Premium Productivity Tools

We have chosen four expensive productivity tools, that combined together would cost a lot, however, that being said, if your business or needs require these services, they're probably worth it. These apps provide a more premium experience, along with their price tag.

Motion is a task management application, similar to the likes of Sunsama in terms of its pricing.

Motion app is a feature-rich application that seamlessly integrates task management and time tracking functionalities. Good for organising tasks, tracking progress, and managing time all in one intuitive interface.

Motion, Kanban Board View, Collaborate with Team Members

For around $19 per month, you can use this application to suit your task management needs, and it may be worth it if you're looking for an advanced app using artificial intelligence.

The overall look and feel of Motion is also very premium. The app provides a sleep interface for teams to manage tasks and projects together using AI to speed up processes.

Vimcal is a great calendar application but again comes with a more premium price.

Vimcal is a versatile calendar plugin for Vim, offering seamless integration of calendar functionality within the text editor. It allows Vim users to efficiently manage appointments, deadlines, and events directly within their coding environment.

Vimcal App, Booking Event, Meetting, Mac

For around $15 per month, you can use this super-fast calendar application. An app like this is great for those who spend a lot of time organising events, and meetings.

Superhuman is definitely a very premium and expensive application. For around $30 or $45 for teams, you can use Superhuman to manage your emails in a superfast workspace.

Superhuman is a powerful email client that provides a sleek user experience, combining speed, productivity, and advanced features.

Superhuman Email, With Gmail and Outlook Connected, Superhuman for Mac, Superhuman for Windows, Desktop version

With its fancy interface, lightning-fast performance, and intelligent shortcuts, Superhuman enhances email management and helps users achieve inbox zero efficiently.

This is probably the most expensive email management application but it does look and feel that way too. If you're someone who sends a lot of emails and needs better management and a faster experience, this isn't a bad investment.

Premium Tool #4

Evernote is a very well-known note-taking application, but since Evernote's upgrades and new pricing of $14.99 per month, it has made its way onto this list of premium productivity tools.

Meeting Notes View, Evernote App - Windows

Evernote is a versatile note-taking app that allows users to capture, organise, and access their notes across various devices. With its intuitive interface, robust search capabilities, and synchronisation features, Evernote empowers users to efficiently store and retrieve information, enabling seamless productivity and organisation.

We also have a list of Evernote Alternatives if you are not too keen on the price change but are still looking for a new note-taking app.

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