Notion in Numbers: Stats of Notion

Notion in Statistics - User Numbers

Notion has many accolades and metrics, here are the most notable.

Let's explore the metrics behind Notion.

Notion Metrics

  • Notion was founded in 2016.
  • Founders were Ivan Zhao, Akshay Kothari & Simon Last.
  • Notion has over $340M in funding (Crunchbase) with 30+ investors.
  • Notion has had a total of 6 funding rounds with the latest being Series C.
  • Sequoia was the lead investor in the Series C funding round.
  • According to Latka, revenue is above $40M per annum - many other sites refer to $70M+ per annum.
  • The Notion website scores 150M+ visits per month.
  • Notion was named a #50 CNBC disruptor in 2023.
  • Akshay Kothari Notion COO previously created and sold Linkedin Pulse.
  • Notion team members get a new lego block for every year they stay at Notion.
  • Naval Ravikant is an investor.

How Many Users Does Notion Have?

The last official number was 20M users worldwide. However, many sites state Notion has been 30-35M users worldwide.

  • Notion Made Simple, Facebook Group has 75K community members.
  • According to Notion, 4M of those are using Notion AI.
  • Notion grew a huge audience on TikTok post-pandemic (source)

How Much is Notion Worth?

Notion has been valued at over $10bn in 2019.

  • is a domain based in Somalia (source).
  • Notion is one of the most successful launches on Product Hunt ever.
  • People are making $1Ms selling and building Notion templates & courses. (source)