5 Best Productivity Apps For Sales Teams in 2024

Best Productivity Apps for Sales Teams

Here's our list of the best productivity apps for sales teams to use when managing invoices, clients, teams, communication and more.

5 Best Productivity Apps For Sales Teams in 2024

Here's a summary list of the apps within this article on productivity apps for sales teams.

  • 1. Pipedrive - Best for sales teams to manage and track funnels.
  • 2. Otter Notes for Sales - Otter AI also helps sales teams.
  • 3. Paymo - An all-in-one place for managing projects, clients, invoices and timesheets.
  • 4. Folk - A great all-in-one CRM tool for teams to manage client relationships.
  • 5. Toggl Track - A time tracking tool for managing time when working from home.

1. Pipedrive

Sales CRM Pipeline Software

Pipedrive deals funnel example.

Pipedrive is a web-based CRM tool for creating sales funnels, it helps businesses and sales teams create plans to manage their sales and track their progress all in one place.

Sales teams can manage leads inside Pipedrive using chatbots and automatic forms to lead potential sales and clients on the right path. Pipedrive also allows you to create automation to help save time carrying out repetitive tasks, you can also use AI.

Overall, Pipedrive is a great productivity app for teams to manage their sales funnels with the help of AI, automation and the ability to communicate inside one tool.

2. Otter Notes AI

For smarter sales notes

Otter AI homepage for summaries, emails, team chat and meetings.

Otter AI has a sales team that will automatically extract information from sales, write professional emails and push notes to the sales team.

Otter allows users to transcribe audio from meetings, calls and more to extract the key information to help with sales, clients and more. You can also chat along with your team whilst inside a call to take notes or discuss any key points.

OtterPilot for sales will then sync the sales insights it gains from calls and send this to the sales force, along with a link back to the call notes.

So, overall, OtterPilot for sales helps sales teams by transcribing audio from calls and meetings to get the key information to send to the sales team.

3. Paymo

Client Project Management Tool

Paymo, projects dashboard, project management app

Paymo is an ideal place for sales teams to manage payments from clients, invoices, budgets and more. You can also track work time and manage projects here.

Paymo has built-in collaboration tools for sales teams to communicate with each other in one place whilst managing their tasks and payments. You can also expand this tool to use with the whole team to manage projects and make sure you finish within the budget. Finally, you can turn timesheets into invoices so you know you are paying or being paid correctly.

Overall, Paymo is a really handy tool for managing tasks, projects, teams, sales and budgets all in one place.

4. Folk

A smart CRM tool

Managing Deals with Folk CRM

Folk is a great CRM tool for sales teams to manage clients, projects, tasks and more all in one simple and easy-to-use space.

Folk allows you to sync contacts, manage pipelines, create email campaigns and view analytics and reports to help with managing the entire project and sales progress. Folk uses a simple interface making it easy to navigate around, it's also great for using as a Chrome extension.

Overall, Folk is an all-in-one CRM tool for teams, especially sales teams to manage their pipelines, emails, finances and data.

5. Toggl Track

Time tracking for sales teams

Toggl time tracking software for managing teams and workload.

Toggl Track helps teams track time to create reports, send invoices, pay bills, manage budgets and much more. Using Toggl helps sales teams stay within their budget and grow their business too.

This tool is great for showing clients where billable hours are spent, turning timesheets into invoices and gathering data on where time is spent inside which project and task. You can also manage time spent on projects to make sure they are delivered on time.

Overall, Toggl is a way to manage time in every aspect when it comes to project management and sales.

Why get sales productivity tools?

Sales Teams need to use applications to help and enhance their workflow to both boost productivity and make more sales. By using applications, sales teams can help grow businesses, manage sales, clients, invoices and much more all in one place whilst working as a team.

It's best not to use tons of applications to avoid burnout and confusion amongst teams, however, a good stack of productivity tools can help speed up processes, reduce risks or failure with leads and so much more. We have selected a few tools you can use to help make more sales and manage your team, you don't have to use them all, but each app offers a different workflow and use for sales teams.

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