Best 5 Personal Project Management Tools

Best 5 Personal Project Management Tools

Personal project management apps can replace the need for multiple apps for freelancers and solopreneurs. It provides an accessible all-in-one space to manage everything you need.

What is a Personal Project Management Tool?

A personal project management tool is a way to manage projects as a solo project manager. Someone who is working for themselves, or in a very small team but still needs their own space to manage what's going on.

Personal project management apps are great for freelancers and entrepreneurs who need a way to manage multiple things all at once like calendars, invoices, contracts and accounts. An application with everything you need can and will boost productivity and reduce the stress of having to manage all these different aspects of your work in different applications.

Overall, it allows individuals like freelancers to manage and organise everything within their projects, calendars, meetings, work, and money in one seamless experience.

Best Personal Project Management Apps

Let's take a look at our five best picks of personal project management apps.

1. Milanote

Milanote, Sketching Collaboration and Planning

First, we have Milanote, an application for creatives and visual thinks to plan and organise their thoughts into one big space.

This is great for freelancers, designers and creatives to merge ideas, brainstorm and even collaborate with their clients if they wish. You can collaborate in real-time and invite others to your boards to work on projects.

For example, you might be designing a new living room space and you have all your ideas, web clippings, and notes inside Milanote, you can add in your client, or other members of outside teams to work in there with you. Then when you are finished, Milanote is back to being your own creative space for organising ideas.

2. Honeybook

Honeybook design template gallery.

Honeybook is one of those tools that has everything you need beyond projects, it also has the ability to send contracts, manage finances and create a portfolio.

An app like Honeybook is perfect for a solo project manager. If you are freelancing your services you can create a beautiful-looking portfolio to share with potential clients, you can also create on-brand documents and contracts to send and give your clients the online experience of E-Sign too, making life a lot easier.

You can also use automation to trigger responses, saving you time, sending personalised invoices and having all of that stuff managed inside the app as well.

3. Bonsai

Bonsai freelance productivity creating contracts for customer CRM.

Bonsai is similar to Honeybook, giving you everything you need to manage your business inside one application. Saving time, reducing stress and boosting productivity.

With Bonsai you can manage all invoices and accounting including expense tracking and have financial advice in the app too, this is perfect if you are starting out and the thought of managing your finances for the first time seems scary.

Bonsai also allows you to manage your clients and collaborate if you need to, just add them into your space and work together here. Use the form builder with customisable fields to send things like contracts and questionaries to potential clients and email lists.

4. ClickUp

ClickUp for beginners Spaces feature.

ClickUp is an all-in-one tool for managing all things projects. You can see your stats on the dashboard, collaborate if you need to and even install ClickApps to customise your workflow experience.

With ClickUp you can automate regular tasks to save time, these can be simple tasks like finishing projects, moving projects and so on. You can also use the search to find anything you need inside the app, useful for those who have tons of projects or information on the go.

ClickUp overall is a no-code workflow builder for you to create a space that includes all you need for managing projects from start to finish. You can collaborate with clients with comments and the whiteboard feature too.

5. MeisterTask

MeisterTask App Demo

MeisterTask is another project and task management application that's well worth mentioning in this list thanks to its simple and easy-to-follow interface.

MeisterTask allows you to use Kanban-style boards to manage multiple and ongoing tasks, perfect for freelancers working on more than one thing, or having to manage multiple client cases.

You can quickly get started with this app using project templates to suit a range of needs, integrated productivity apps to expand your workspace and setting automation for recurring actions and tasks.

More Project App Recommendations

There are even more task management and project management applications available to check out here on Tool Finder, here are just a few.


Managing Boards in Trello

Trello provides a super simple space with Kanban boards to manage projects and tasks.

You can add in clients or other team members on certain boards to work together on tasks, and comments and to give an overview of the progress of a project.

Trello is a very popular and well-used app for task management, however, it is super simple and doesn't provide all the features some personal project management apps do.


Todoist - Managing Projects, Home Management

Todoist is a great personal project management application since it allows you brain dump ideas before assigning them to dates and setting automation for recurring actions.

It helps users save time, collaborate with ideas and projects and overall manage their daily to-dos integrated with calendars.

Todoist provides a simple interface for to-dos to be listed, assigned dates, times, assignees and more to help manage tasks and projects as an individual or as a team.

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