Ultimate Productivity App Deals for Black Friday 2023

Black Friday Savings on Software

Black Friday, you want to save some money on productivity tools you might or may not you use on a day to day basis. So let's unpack the best deals for productivity software.

Best Black Friday Deals for Productivity Software

Let's unpack the best of the productivity software for the year and how to save money on productivity software, all of these deals will be updated and kept refreshed so that each Black Friday we have the best deals for saving money on productivity tools.

Sometimes productivity tools can be super expensive, so every penny counts.

1. CleanMyMac: 30% Off

Packed into SetApp, CleanMyMac is now 30% off.

2. Blinkist: 60% Off

Save on the productive reading tool Blinkist and get 60% off.

3. Proton Mail Plus: 33% Off

Save on Proton Mail's "plus" plan that allows you better email management.

4. PDF Expert: 50% Off

Better manage your PDFs with Readdle's PDF Expert and get 50% off.

5. Skillshare: 40% Off & 1 Month Free

Skillshare is one of the leading sites for learning online and it has a good discount to get your hands on for unlimited learning with the platform. Get it here.

Notion Staff Pick, Skillshare Class, Notion Masterclass

6. Skiff: 15% Off

Essentials, Pro & Business all 15% off for Black Friday. Re-think your email & team tools with their workspace features & more.

7. Spark Mail: 50% Off

8. Craft: 50% Off

9. Things 3: Save $24 or 30% Off

10. Tweek: Discount

11. Timestripe: 50% Off

More Productivity Tools with Discounts

Whilst it isn't Black Friday for these tools, they do have discounts with us. Check out their tool reviews and find the discount linked in the sidebar and reap the benefits.

From Akiflow to Notesnook, here's all the savings you can make:

Akiflow: 30% Off

Notesnook: 10% Off

How to Save Money on Productivity Software

There's always deals on productivity tools, so make sure you take the time to research them. Some providers will do deals to help you save money, others won't. One of the things that you need to make note of is apps like SetApp that help you to save money by offering you 240+ apps in one, and other services like AppSumo do the same too.

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