5 New AmpleNote Features

New Features in Amplenote

Amplenote has released a ton of new updates and features in their biggest quarter of updates ever. We are going to take a look at five standout latest features, let's get started.

In this article, we are looking at five new Amplenote features added to their biggest announcement to date. This includes calendar syncing, widgets and colours.

Amplenote always takes note of their user's experience and suggestions, upgrades and updates are often voted for and requested. There are tons more updated Amplenote features now available, but here are just a few to start with.

1. Apple Calendar Two Way Sync

Amplenote now allows you to sync Apple Calendar, along with its existing Google and Outlook sync. This basically means everyone who also used the built-in Apple calendar to add events from emails or to schedule their time can now import this information into their Amplenote account.

Apple Sync is now available for Amplenote to integrate your Apple Calendar tasks and events.

You can still choose to import events from calendars or push events created inside Amplenote into all connected calendars.

A really great update that allows more users to experience the full use of Amplenote, you can learn how to sync calendars to Amplenote here.

2. Amplenote Calendar Colours

Calendar views inside Amplenote have also had a fun new update, you can now use colours to help visualise tasks and add a new dimension to time management. Using colours to coordinate tasks is great for quickly scanning your calendar and seeing the types of tasks in store for that day.

Colour coding for calendar events inside Amplenote is now available.

For internal calendar events, the colour of the task background is determined by the tag you give to the task. When creating a new tag you can choose different colours, for example, if your task is for work you can create a hashtag #work and colourcode it in blue.

For external calendar events, these colours will be automatically imported from your existing calendar. For example, the colours you use for tasks inside Google Calendar will be used in Amplenote. You can change this in the settings if you would like to use your own colours inside Amplenote.

If you're still confused, there's a whole Amplenote calendar colours help page.

3. Lock Screen Widgets For Amplenote

You can now add lock screen widgets to your iPhone to quickly add notes or tasks directly to Amplenote. This is super handy for speedily adding any immediate tasks or notes you can arrange later on.

Just add the Amplenote lock screen widgets to your home screen and begin.

Amplenote new features for adding lock screen widgets to iPhone to quickly add tasks and notes.

If you aren't sure how to add lock screen widgets to your iPhone home screen, here's how.

4. Amplenote Readwise Sync Plugin

Another new great Amplenote feature is the updated version for adding Readwise Sync. Instead of following a long difficult setup process to sync your recently read books, you can now use the Readwise sync plugin that will regularly update inside Amplenote.

Amplenote features now include a Readwise plugin for updating highlights and notes from recent books.

You will now be able to see all the highlights and notes for the books you have recently read. You can read more here to learn how to install the Readwise plugin for Amplenote.

5. Toggle Headings For Full Sections in Amplenote

This has been the most requested and top-voted addition to Amplenote's new feature list. You can now toggle more than just subtasks and bullets, you can toggle heading for entire sections, wherever you want.

Being able to close off, or open sections is really helpful for the workspace, you can focus on certain sections at a time without being distracted or feeling clutter from other parts.

Amplenote feature for adding new toggle headings.

When you collapse these new headers inside Amplenote, it will only collapse until the next section divider you insert manually. This also works in a hierarchy of headers, so for example, H3 headers below an H2 will be divided until they reach an H1.

If that is still confusing, there's a whole page about outlining headings in Amplenote.

So there we have it, five new Amplenote features we thought were good to note.

If you are interested in learning more about Amplenote, Shu Omi has created an in-depth video on how he uses Amplenote as an all-in-one task management tool.

What is Amplenote?

Amplenote is an easy-to-use to-do list, task manager and calendar tool all in one. It's a very well-loved app that has helped tons of individuals keep their notes safe and manage their tasks.

With Amplenote you can quickly add notes, and reminders, and capture anything at inspires you. Add links, images and web clippings to build up detailed notes for your next trip or project.

You can also create task lists with priority levels, you can tick off tasks when they're done and link them to other note pages inside your Amplenote account. For example, add your latest book review to your book notes.

Finally, you can drag and drop tasks into your calendar, and sync calendar events from Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and now Apple Calendar.

Amplenote Features In Latest Update