Moleskine Suite Apps: Beginner's Guide

Moleskine Studio - What is It?

Moleskine has a range of digital tools designed to enhance creativity, productivity, and organisation. You have probably heard of Moleskine through their physical notebooks that come in a range of bright colours, well, now you can be creative and manage your time with their suite of apps.

The suite includes several apps for different aspects of creativity and note-taking, such as Moleskine Timepage for calendar management, the Moleskine Flow app for sketching and drawing and Moleskine Actions for writing to-do lists.

These apps focus on simplicity and functionality, offering users a convenient way to capture ideas, manage tasks, and express their creativity across various devices.

Let's take a deeper look:

What is the Moleskine Suite of Apps?

The Moleskine Suite is essentially the apps available created by Moleskine, all of these apps are designed to improve your note-taking, spark creativity and help you manage your time.

The applications are also very beautiful, streamlined and easy to get started with. If you are looking for an app that's quite minimal but can allow for some colour customisation, the Moleskine suite of apps is a good place to start.

The suite includes Moleskine Timepage, Moleskine Actions and Moleskine Flow.

These three apps are all you should need for daily use, they're used by tons of people to organise and express creativity. Connect your apps together to allow them to sync seamlessly and work alongside each other.

What Apps Are Included?

There's three apps included in the Moleskine Suite, all three apps combined are said to enhance your productivity, planning and creativity.

Moleskine Timepage is the calendar application available in this bundle.

  • Timepage features an elegant interface that presents your schedule in a clean timeline format. The app syncs with popular calendar services and offers smart features like event suggestions and weather forecasts.
  • You can collaborate with others, set reminders, and attach files to events.
  • Timepage combines aesthetics and functionality to streamline your scheduling and boost productivity. Adding events to Timepage is easy, you can also include details like locations and extra notes.
  • Viewing your calendar is also interesting since its in a timeline view, all events are in chronological order and easily viewed in one go so you can properly manage your time.

Moleskine Actions

Moleskine Actions is a sleek to-do list app for jotting down notes and tasks.

  • Actions has a sleek and user-friendly interface, that allows you to create and manage tasks effortlessly.
  • The app offers features like customisable lists, reminders, due dates, and priority levels to help you prioritise and track your tasks effectively.
  • It also integrates with popular calendar apps, allowing you to seamlessly connect your tasks with your schedule. Connect with Timepage to make use of the Moleskine Suite.
  • You can easily create tasks in Moleskine Actions by typing or voice input.
  • The app allows you to add details such as task titles, due dates, priority levels, and notes.
  • Actions allows you to mark tasks as complete, providing a sense of accomplishment as you check off completed items from your to-do list.

Moleskine flow allows you to draw, and express creativity, but also write notes.

  • With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, Flow offers a seamless digital canvas for artists, designers and anyone wanting to express some creativity.
  • The app provides a wide range of brushes, colours, and customisable settings to bring your artistic vision to life.
  • Whether you're sketching ideas, creating illustrations, or working on detailed artwork, Moleskine Flow offers a user-friendly platform to express your creativity.
  • Flow supports layer-based editing, enabling you to work on different elements of your artwork independently. You can create, rearrange, merge, and adjust opacity of layers to achieve the desired composition and effects.
  • Import images or photos from your device's gallery to incorporate into your artwork. You can also export your creations in various formats, such as JPEG or PNG, to share them with others or use them in other applications.

How Much Does This Cost?

You can subscribe to each application separately, or pay to download the apps as a bundle.

It's a 3-app experience available for around $25 per year (prices vary) or you can subscribe to each app individually for around $2 per month.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re looking for a iOS centric, medium-cost tools, that works better than the basic Apple apps, but less than say Todoist, Fantastical - these could be a good set of tools.

You can actually do a free trial with the apps inside the Moleskine suite so you can test them out before you commit to purchasing.

Who Should Use The Moleskine Suite?

Anyone can use the apps inside the Moleskine suite, it just depends on if you feel the need to use them all.

Most people will benefit from using applications like Timepage and Actions combined, whereas Flow may be better suited to more creative individuals or those wanted to take handwritten notes.